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Volvo Unveils First Production-Ready Autonomous Truck

Volvo Unveils First Production-Ready Autonomous Truck

Volvo Autonomous Solutions has made a significant leap in the world of autonomous driving by unveiling Volvo’s first-ever production-ready autonomous truck at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas. The truck, known as the Volvo VNL Autonomous, is equipped with the Aurora Driver, an SAE Level 4 autonomous driving system developed by

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Renault Group to Introduce Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles

Renault Group to Introduce Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles for Public Transit

Renault Group has made a groundbreaking announcement regarding the introduction of Level 4 autonomous vehicles specifically designed for public transportation. This development represents a monumental leap forward in urban mobility, with these cutting-edge autonomous shuttles set to operate seamlessly without human intervention in designated areas. They will be fully integrated

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UK Roads to See Self-Driving Vehicles by 2026

UK Roads to See Self-Driving Vehicles by 2026 After New Legislation

Self-driving vehicles could be operating on British roads by 2026 following the enactment of the Automated Vehicles (AV) Act, which received royal assent on May 20, 2024. This groundbreaking legislation, prominently featured in the King’s Speech, paves the way for advanced technology to safely navigate vehicles on British roads. The

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Compact all-weather vision-AI driver monitoring system

oToBrite Unveils AI-Powered All-Weather Driver Monitoring System

oToBrite, a leading Taiwanese company specializing in vision-AI ADAS/AD solutions, has achieved a significant milestone with the development of its innovative, compact, all-weather vision-AI driver monitoring system (DMS). This cutting-edge system is equipped with a high-sensitivity automotive-grade global shutter image sensor, ensuring exceptional quantum efficiency (QE) that delivers superior image

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Plus Introduces AI-Powered Technology

Plus Introduces AI-Powered Technology to Enhance Safety Systems

Plus, a leading provider of automated and autonomous driving software solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking AI-driven software named Plus Protect. This cutting-edge technology is engineered to significantly elevate the safety systems of next-generation vehicles, ranging from passenger cars to heavy trucks. Comprehensive Safety Features PlusProtect is a scalable technology that

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EU Collaborates with AVL to Accelerate and Enhance Safety

EU Collaborates with AVL to Accelerate and Enhance Safety in Self-Driving Vehicle Development

In a bold move toward advancing the frontier of self-driving vehicle (SDV) technology, a consortium of major players spanning the automotive, supplier, and semiconductor industries, alongside esteemed research institutions, has forged an alliance under the stewardship of mobility technology leader AVL. This concerted effort, under the moniker FEDERATE (short for

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Geely Partners with Foretellix to Drive Safer and Faster Autonomous Vehicle Development

In a significant stride towards realizing the future of autonomous vehicles (AVs), Chinese automotive giant Geely has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Foretellix, a leading provider of safety-driven validation and verification (V&V) solutions. This collaboration aims to propel the safe and efficient large-scale deployment of AVs by integrating Foretellix’s advanced

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UK’s Wayve Drives Towards Autonomous Future with $1.05 Billiongn Fundi Boost

Wayve, a leading UK artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on self-driving vehicles, has secured a whopping $1.05 billion in Series C funding. This significant investment, led by SoftBank Group with participation from tech giants Nvidia and Microsoft, fuels Wayve’s mission to revolutionize autonomous mobility through a concept called “embodied intelligence.”

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