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AD /ADAS Virtual Verification & Validation

Current ADAS technology serves as the foundation for an ever-increasing level of vehicle automation. Full automation (AD) technology, on the other hand, goes beyond these systems by completely replacing the driver.

Recognizing the Obstacles

The lack of a reliable validation process is a major roadblock to the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles and other forms of advanced driver assistance technology. This prevents the system from malfunctioning or having unintended consequences.

It may take a long time to complete the testing process for a fully automated vehicle. This is because the car would need to log hundreds of millions of test kilometers on public roads before it could be certified. Therefore, in order to properly test and certify their vehicles, manufacturers need to employ a hybrid approach involving both simulation and real-world driving. This is the only practical approach to covering such vast distances and completing the necessary tests under so many diverse conditions.

ADAS Solutions by Muizz Technology

Muizz Technology, a frontrunner in the testing industry, is creating an open, scenario-based verification and validation toolchain. It enables the unit-under-test to be prepared, tested, and validated in a variety of operational situations, including those found in simulation, virtual, and real-world road-testing settings. There’s also data management and analytics thrown in there. This aids in data collection, key performance indicator analysis, test report writing, and making sense of the massive volumes of test data that are generated.

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