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AD/ADAS data analytics

When combined with the automated driving data collection solution, multi-sensor autonomous cars and advanced driver support systems can be developed very quickly. Massive volumes of data can be captured, kept, analysed, and played back. It’s useful for comparing different sensors and creating prototypes. The data it generates can be used to train vision and detection algorithms on real-world scenarios. It’s useful for verifying pre-production series over long distances (think: thousands of hours or millions of kilometres). In-vehicle ADAS recorders record a constant, authentic, and uncompressed stream of data. The time-synchronous replay of raw data is beneficial to the development of models for computer vision and machine learning, which are the driving forces behind autonomous cars.
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The following components make up ADAS Data Collection:

Logging ADAS Data

Collect a constant flow of data that is authentic, uncompressed, and coming from sources like radar, lidar, high-resolution cameras, and networks and buses that adhere to automotive standards. The data collecting system for ADAS is built to reliably record every bit of information, to stream data at high bandwidth and with the lowest possible latency, and to efficiently manage terabytes of data.

Autonomous Driving Assistance System Information Playback

The time-synchronous playback of real-world raw data should be made available to both hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing systems. This assists in the generation of a realistic environment, which is necessary for the development of computer vision and machine learning models required to power autonomous vehicles in a reliable and safe manner.

Display of ADAS Information

Validate multi-sensor ADAS and autonomous drive systems by displaying raw data in real time from numerous sensor types (camera, radar, 3D sensors), related car buses or networks.