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AEHRA, the Ultra Premium EV Brand

AEHRA, the esteemed ultra-premium electric automotive brand, has recently unveiled the exterior design of its second model—a magnificent Sedan. This stunning release follows closely on the heels of the brand’s first model, a great SUV that was presented to the world in 2022.

The AEHRA Sedan, much like its SUV counterpart, is built upon the foundation of an ultra-advanced EV platform, showcasing the brand’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. These models share several remarkable features, including the innovative ‘double-falcon doors’ that elegantly open upwards, adding a touch of grandeur to the overall design.

One of the distinguishing aspects of both the AEHRA Sedan and SUV is the utilization of highly sustainable composite materials, which incorporate forged carbon fiber technologies. By embracing these eco-friendly materials, AEHRA demonstrates its dedication to reducing its carbon footprint while maintaining uncompromising luxury and style.

The grand launch of these models is scheduled for 2026, with key markets such as North America and Europe at the forefront, followed by China and the Gulf States. AEHRA’s strategic approach to global expansion ensures that enthusiasts and luxury car fans worldwide will have the opportunity to experience their exceptional vehicles firsthand.

In a recent development, AEHRA forged a valuable partnership with Miba Battery Systems, an Austrian-based battery supplier. This collaboration aims to create bespoke battery solutions tailored specifically for the SUV and Sedan models. By joining forces with Miba, AEHRA emphasizes its commitment to providing superior performance and efficiency in the realm of electric vehicles.

AEHRA’s vision includes offering customers an impressive range of 800 kilometers (497 miles) powered by a potential 120-kilowatt-hour battery. This remarkable range will elevate the driving experience and alleviate concerns about long-distance travel, solidifying AEHRA’s position as an industry leader in electric vehicle technology.

Hazim Nada, Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of AEHRA, expressed his enthusiasm for the unveiling of the Sedan model, which closely follows the introduction of the SUV. He stated that this rapid succession of releases and the recent partnership with Miba Battery Systems are clear indicators of AEHRA’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the design, customer experience, and ownership of ultra-premium electric vehicles.

Filippo Perini, the esteemed Head of Design at AEHRA, elaborated on the Sedan’s groundbreaking features. He emphasized the brand’s audacity to push the boundaries further and fully capitalize on the exceptional design freedom bestowed by Hazim Nada’s visionary philosophy. AEHRA’s relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in its incorporation of the most advanced technologies available from the automotive and aeronautic industries, ensuring unparalleled innovation and craftsmanship.

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