Autonomous Driving
Hyundai Mobis to Spearhead Urban Level 4 Autonomous Driving Tests in Incheon, South Korea

In a bid to revolutionize the landscape of self-driving vehicles, Hyundai Mobis, a prominent auto parts manufacturer under the Hyundai Motor Group, has unveiled ambitious plans to conduct Level 4 autonomous driving tests in the bustling cityscape of Incheon, South Korea. This groundbreaking initiative, slated to kick off this month, marks a significant leap forward […]

Data Labeling
Deepen AI Forms Strategic Partnership for Advanced Data Labeling Solutions in Automotive and Robotics

In a groundbreaking move towards advancing the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in automotive and robotics industries, Deepen AI, a prominent technology company specializing in data labeling and calibration, has announced a strategic partnership with an undisclosed global tech leader recognized for its innovation and extensive operations. While the specifics of the collaboration are shrouded […]

Mobileye Unveils Groundbreaking Camera-Only Intelligent Speed Assist
Mobileye Unveils Groundbreaking Camera-Only Intelligent Speed Assist Solution for Automakers

Mobileye, a subsidiary of Intel, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) solution for automakers. This innovative technology, which relies solely on camera-based systems, marks a significant advancement in meeting the new European Union (EU) standards for speed limit sensing in vehicles. Unlike previous alternatives that depend on third-party maps and GPS data, […]

AEHRA, the Ultra Premium EV Brand
AEHRA, the Ultra Premium EV Brand, Unveils Its Exquisite Sedan as the Second Addition to its Lineup

AEHRA, the esteemed ultra-premium electric automotive brand, has recently unveiled the exterior design of its second model—a magnificent Sedan. This stunning release follows closely on the heels of the brand’s first model, a great SUV that was presented to the world in 2022. The AEHRA Sedan, much like its SUV counterpart, is built upon the […]