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Changi Airport in Singapore is set to introduce an innovative fleet of four autonomous electric baggage vehicles to pilot underwing operations. These vehicles, equipped with Aurrigo’s Auto-DollyTug technology, will be deployed under a new contract, marking the advancement to Phase 2A testing.

The deployment of the Auto-DollyTug fleet will be overseen by Aurrigo’s Auto-Connect software platform. This sophisticated system is responsible for scheduling and monitoring all tasks assigned to the vehicles. By expanding this fleet, Changi Airport aims to evaluate and validate its new concept of operations (CONOPS) specifically designed to support the efficient turnaround of wide-body flights.

The Auto-DollyTug boasts several innovative features, including Aurrigo’s patented sideways drive system, which enables the vehicle to maneuver directly sideways into tight spaces. This unique capability is complemented by its 360° tank turn abilities, allowing for exceptional maneuverability. Additionally, the Auto-DollyTug is equipped with integrated robotic arms, which facilitate precise and automated loading and unloading of unit load devices (ULDs).

The introduction of these autonomous vehicles is part of Changi Airport’s broader strategy to enhance efficiency and reduce the reliance on manual labor in baggage handling operations. The precision and reliability of the Auto-DollyTug are expected to significantly improve operational efficiency and safety, particularly in the constrained environments of airport aprons.

Aurrigo, the company behind the Auto-DollyTug, has been a leader in autonomous vehicle technology. The successful completion of Phase 2A testing demonstrates the robustness and reliability of their systems in real-world airport environments. The Auto-Connect software platform plays a critical role in ensuring the seamless operation of the autonomous fleet, offering real-time monitoring and task management.

This initiative aligns with Changi Airport’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. The use of electric autonomous vehicles not only reduces carbon emissions but also minimizes the noise pollution typically associated with airport ground operations. The pilot program will provide valuable insights into the operational viability and potential scalability of autonomous baggage handling solutions.

As Changi Airport continues to pioneer advancements in airport technology, the successful implementation of the Auto-DollyTug fleet could set a new standard for airports worldwide. The insights gained from this pilot program will be instrumental in shaping the future of autonomous ground operations in the aviation industry.

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