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AWS Recognizes dSPACE with Automotive Competency

SPACE, a leading provider of simulation and validation solutions, has earned the prestigious Amazon Web Services (AWS) Automotive Competency status. This noteworthy recognition underscores dSPACE’s exceptional expertise in delivering professional services and software solutions that drive transformation within automotive companies’ operational models.

In today’s rapidly evolving automotive landscape, cloud technology has become a cornerstone for innovation and operational overhaul. Automotive enterprises increasingly turn to cloud solutions, relying on specialists with extensive automotive industry experience. AWS Automotive Competency Partners like dSPACE offer comprehensive solutions and services throughout the digital transformation journey. Importantly, they provide the assurance of being supported by a validated AWS Partner capable of meeting their specific requirements. These solutions adhere to AWS’s stringent standards for creating secure, high-performance, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructure tailored for industry-specific applications.

Earning the AWS Automotive Competency designation establishes dSPACE as a distinguished member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) with a track record of technical proficiency and proven success in deploying cloud solutions on AWS within the automotive sector. This program spotlights AWS Partners specializing in automotive consulting and software, showcasing their domain knowledge and cloud service capabilities. To secure the AWS Automotive Competency designation, AWS Partners must successfully undergo a rigorous technical validation process and provide vetted customer references.

Gregor Hordys, dSPACE’s Product Manager for Data Replay, expressed the company’s pride in achieving the AWS Automotive Competency. He emphasized dSPACE’s unwavering commitment to accelerating the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) applications. This commitment is powered by harnessing AWS’s agility, extensive service offerings, and rapid pace of innovation.

dSPACE’s achievement of the AWS Automotive Competency signifies a significant milestone in its journey to support the automotive industry’s transition towards cloud-based solutions. The recognition highlights several key aspects of dSPACE’s capabilities and contributions:

Technical Proficiency: dSPACE has demonstrated its deep technical expertise in leveraging AWS’s cloud infrastructure to address the unique challenges of the automotive sector. This expertise enables automotive companies to seamlessly integrate cloud solutions into their operations.

Customer Success: dSPACE’s proven track record of helping automotive clients succeed with AWS-based solutions is a testament to its commitment to delivering tangible results. Customer references validate the company’s ability to meet the diverse needs of automotive enterprises.

Innovation Acceleration: By harnessing AWS’s extensive suite of services and rapid innovation capabilities, dSPACE empowers automotive companies to expedite the development of cutting-edge ADAS and AD applications. This is crucial in an industry where innovation can make a difference in competitiveness.

Secure and Resilient Solutions: dSPACE’s attainment of the AWS Automotive Competency reinforces its dedication to building secure, resilient, and high-performing cloud solutions. In an era where data security is paramount, automotive companies can trust dSPACE to deliver solutions that meet stringent security requirements.

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