Bayanat AI
Bayanat AI and Oxa Forge Strategic Partnership to Enhance Autonomous Vehicle Solutions in the UAE

Bayanat AI, a leader in AI-powered geospatial and smart mobility solutions, and Oxa, a specialist in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, have entered a strategic partnership to advance AV solutions in the UAE and beyond. This collaboration, supported by the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) under its Smart and Autonomous Vehicle Industry (SAVI) cluster, represents a […]

XPENG AEROHT and Autoliv become Partner
XPENG AEROHT and Autoliv Partner to Develop Advanced Safety Solutions for Flying Cars

XPENG AEROHT and Autoliv China, a division of the global leader in automotive safety systems Autoliv, Inc., have formalized a strategic cooperation agreement to develop pioneering safety solutions for the future of mobility. This collaboration marks a significant step towards realizing the vision of safe, efficient flying cars. The agreement between XPENG AEROHT and Autoliv […]

Renault Group Unveils State-of-the-Art Automated Logistics Facility in Villeroy, France

Renault Group has taken a significant leap towards technological advancement and efficiency by unveiling its new-generation logistics facility in Villeroy, France. This cutting-edge facility is 100% automated and features an innovative system developed by Exotec, a renowned French industrial robotics company. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the logistics and automotive industries, showcasing the […]

Nissan Showcases Autonomous Driving
Nissan Showcases Autonomous Driving Mobility Services on Public Roads in Japan

Nissan has initiated demonstrations of a prototype vehicle outfitted with its proprietary autonomous driving technologies on public roads in Japan. This effort represents a significant milestone in Nissan’s journey towards launching autonomous mobility services by fiscal year 2027. The prototype in question is a Nissan LEAF, which has been upgraded to include a sophisticated sensor […]

NHTSA Investigates Waymo and Zoox
NHTSA Investigates Waymo and Zoox for ‘Unexpected’ Self-Driving Behavior

Robotaxis and autonomous vehicles have come under increased scrutiny following a serious incident involving General Motors’ Cruise unit in San Francisco last October. In that incident, a pedestrian was struck and seriously injured by one of Cruise’s self-driving vehicles, highlighting the potential risks associated with autonomous driving technologies. Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration […]

Ambarella Unveils Next-Gen AI SoCs
Ambarella Unveils Next-Gen AI SoCs for Fleet Dash Cams and Vehicle Gateways

Ambarella, Inc., renowned for its edge AI semiconductors, has unveiled its latest advancements in AI systems-on-chip (SoCs) at the AutoSens USA event, held from May 21-23. This event gathered key players including OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and supply chain engineers specializing in automotive sensing technologies. Ambarella’s new 5nm SoCs are set to enhance in-vehicle fleet […]

Autonomous Baggage Transportation at Changi Airport

Changi Airport in Singapore is set to introduce an innovative fleet of four autonomous electric baggage vehicles to pilot underwing operations. These vehicles, equipped with Aurrigo’s Auto-DollyTug technology, will be deployed under a new contract, marking the advancement to Phase 2A testing. The deployment of the Auto-DollyTug fleet will be overseen by Aurrigo’s Auto-Connect software […]

Volvo Unveils First Production-Ready Autonomous Truck
Volvo Unveils First Production-Ready Autonomous Truck

Volvo Autonomous Solutions has made a significant leap in the world of autonomous driving by unveiling Volvo’s first-ever production-ready autonomous truck at the ACT Expo in Las Vegas. The truck, known as the Volvo VNL Autonomous, is equipped with the Aurora Driver, an SAE Level 4 autonomous driving system developed by Aurora Innovation. This advanced system […]

Renault Group to Introduce Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles
Renault Group to Introduce Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles for Public Transit

Renault Group has made a groundbreaking announcement regarding the introduction of Level 4 autonomous vehicles specifically designed for public transportation. This development represents a monumental leap forward in urban mobility, with these cutting-edge autonomous shuttles set to operate seamlessly without human intervention in designated areas. They will be fully integrated into existing public transport systems, […]