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Uber Freight and Aurora Innovation Unveil

Uber Freight, a subsidiary of Uber Technologies, has partnered with Aurora Innovation, a leader in autonomous driving technology, to introduce Premier Autonomy. This innovative program provides early access to more than one billion miles of autonomous driving powered by Aurora’s technology to Uber Freight carriers by 2030.

This initiative represents a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration between Uber Freight and Aurora Innovation. The two companies have been working together to integrate and deploy autonomous trucks within the Uber Freight network. This integration aims to enhance efficiency and utilization for carriers of all sizes, making freight transportation faster and more reliable.

The Premier Autonomy program is crafted to provide a straightforward pathway for carriers to adopt Aurora Driver for autonomous freight hauling. Key benefits of this program include a subscription service that enables autonomous freight operations, access to over one billion autonomous miles by 2030, and high utilization of autonomous trucks through the seamless integration of Aurora Driver with the Uber Freight platform.

One of the initial routes for this program will be between Dallas and Houston, where Uber Freight will be among Aurora’s first customers. The companies anticipate beginning driverless hauls for shippers by the end of 2024. This marks a significant step towards the broader deployment of autonomous trucks across the country.

The integration of autonomous trucking technology is expected to significantly reduce the time required for freight transportation. For instance, a trip from Dallas to Los Angeles, which currently takes two to three days with a human driver, could potentially be completed in just one day using the Aurora Driver. This drastic reduction in transit time could revolutionize the freight industry, providing faster and more reliable delivery times for goods.

Aurora’s research highlights that autonomous trucks can be up to 32% more energy-efficient than traditional trucks. This increased efficiency is achieved through optimizing highway speeds, reducing deadhead miles and idling, and increasing vehicle utilization. Additionally, autonomous trucks can take advantage of off-peak driving and programmed eco-driving practices, further enhancing their efficiency and sustainability.

Lior Ron, founder and chief executive officer of Uber Freight, expressed his enthusiasm for the program, stating, “Uber Freight and Aurora see a tremendous opportunity to democratize autonomous trucks for carriers of all sizes. This will enable them to drive more revenue, scale their fleets, and strengthen their bottom lines. Autonomous trucks will make moving goods more efficient, and this industry-first program will help facilitate and accelerate the adoption of autonomous trucks with our carriers.”

Ossa Fisher, president of Aurora, echoed this sentiment, noting, “With Uber Freight, we can provide hundreds of carriers priority access to autonomous truck capacity that they wouldn’t otherwise have. Working with carriers of all sizes is one of the many ways we will transform the industry and see thousands of driverless trucks on the road. It’s exciting and validating that companies like Uber Freight are reserving our long-term capacity for their customers. We all see collective value in this offering.”

The Premier Autonomy program not only underscores the potential of autonomous trucking technology but also demonstrates the commitment of both Uber Freight and Aurora to revolutionizing the freight industry. By providing carriers with early access to cutting-edge autonomous technology, this program aims to make freight transportation more efficient, sustainable, and profitable for carriers of all sizes. As the program rolls out, it is set to pave the way for a new era in freight transportation, marked by increased efficiency, reduced transit times, and enhanced sustainability.


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