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Denso and NTT Data collaborate

NTT Data, a prominent Japanese IT firm, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Denso, a leading automotive components manufacturer, to form a strategic partnership aimed at advancing in-vehicle software development. This collaboration seeks to leverage the strengths of both companies to foster innovation in Japan’s automotive sector and tackle various societal challenges through their combined expertise in vehicle and cloud computing technologies.

The partnership between NTT Data and Denso is poised to significantly enhance the efficiency of software development for vehicles, which is becoming increasingly critical as the automotive industry undergoes rapid transformations. With the advent of automated driving, electrification, and artificial intelligence, the concept of software-defined vehicles is gaining importance. This evolution necessitates not only improved development processes but also a tighter integration between vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure.

Denso, known for its expertise in in-vehicle software, will collaborate with NTT Data, which brings its extensive knowledge of cloud computing, to develop sophisticated in-vehicle software solutions. This joint effort will encompass strategy formulation, talent management, and technological advancements. By combining Denso’s capabilities in automotive software with NTT Data’s cloud technology expertise, the partnership aims to create advanced software that seamlessly links vehicles with cloud-based systems.

A key objective of this collaboration is to develop a globally deployable software-oriented mobility service platform. This platform will address the increasing complexity and prevalence of in-vehicle software in modern vehicles. To achieve this, the companies plan to hire and train 3,000 engineers by 2030. These engineers will be equipped with the skills needed to support the development of cutting-edge in-vehicle software and to contribute to the growth of the software-defined vehicle industry.

The first initiative under this partnership will be the establishment of a joint software development system and comprehensive training programs for engineers. These programs will focus on equipping engineers with the necessary skills to develop and deploy advanced in-vehicle software. Additionally, the collaboration will work on creating a platform that supports efficient software development for vehicles. This platform will leverage IT solutions to enhance various aspects of the development process, including the creation of AI-based evaluation tools and other critical functions.

By integrating cloud technology with in-vehicle software development, NTT Data and Denso aim to create a seamless connection between vehicles and their external environments. This integration will facilitate the development of software that can efficiently handle the complexities of modern vehicles, ensuring they are equipped to meet the demands of automated driving, electrification, and other emerging trends.

Moreover, the partnership is committed to addressing broader societal issues through technological innovation. By developing advanced in-vehicle software solutions, NTT Data and Denso aim to contribute to the advancement of the automotive industry in Japan and beyond. Their combined efforts will not only enhance vehicle performance and safety but also pave the way for new mobility services that can address various transportation challenges faced by society.

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