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B-Plus and Continental partnership Develop Advanced Test Fleet Management

Continental has recently adopted the CONiX Testfleet solution from mobility technology company b-plus to streamline the management of its test vehicles, particularly in the domain of assisted and automated driving. This collaboration between the two companies has been ongoing for nearly three years, culminating in a customized solution that is now being deployed across Continental’s test fleets globally.

The CONiX.tfs solution, a cloud-based platform, was meticulously developed to cater to the complex needs of managing test vehicles, systems, and drivers within the validation environment for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD). This solution was designed with a keen focus on addressing customer requirements and has undergone rigorous testing in real-world scenarios to ensure its efficacy and reliability.

One of the primary objectives of the CONiX Testfleet solution is to enhance transparency and efficiency in test fleet management. This is achieved through various means, such as simplifying the coordination of test vehicles, facilitating over-the-air (OTA) software updates, and streamlining the processes for structured vehicle testing and data collection. By employing this solution, companies can effectively prepare and organize their entire fleets, carry out test and validation drives with precision, and conduct thorough evaluations and detailed analyses of the data collected during these test drives.

Johann Führmann, a business developer at b-plus automotive, emphasized the mutual benefits of this collaboration. He stated, “This cooperation brings many advantages for both project partners. Continental receives a tailor-made, individualized product that is precisely adapted to their specific needs. We at b-plus had the opportunity to incorporate Continental’s extensive setup and far-reaching ADAS testing requirements into our software solution.”

The CONiX Testfleet solution is designed to address the unique challenges faced by companies engaged in the testing and validation of ADAS and AD technologies. It provides a comprehensive platform that integrates various aspects of test fleet management, including the coordination of test schedules, monitoring of vehicle statuses, and efficient management of software updates. This level of integration ensures that all components of the test fleet are functioning optimally and that any issues can be promptly addressed.

Moreover, the solution supports extensive data collection and analysis, which is crucial for the validation of ADAS and AD systems. By enabling detailed tracking of test drives and facilitating the systematic collection of data, the CONiX Testfleet solution allows for a more accurate assessment of system performance and reliability. This, in turn, contributes to the development of safer and more effective driving assistance technologies.

The successful deployment of the CONiX Testfleet solution across Continental’s global test fleets signifies a major milestone in the companies’ collaborative efforts. It highlights the importance of tailored solutions in meeting the specific needs of industry leaders in the field of automated driving. The customized nature of the CONiX.tfs solution ensures that it is perfectly aligned with Continental’s extensive testing requirements, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their test fleet management processes.

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