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BMW and Valeo partner for auto parking
German automaker BMW and French automotive supplier Valeo have announced a new collaboration aimed at co-developing a next-generation parking experience for customers on private grounds and parking facilities. The companies have already signed a strategic cooperation in January 2023 for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) domain controllers, sensors, and software for BMW’s Neue Klasse platform.

Delivering an Array of Functions

The joint venture aims to deliver an array of functions, from automated maneuver assistance to Level 4 Automated Valet Parking, using only the technology and sensors within the car. Infrastructure-based services will also be developed to enable fully automated parking and charging services in certain parking facilities and other areas.

Next-Generation Solution

The software functions are based on the current automated parking software stack that was first launched on the BMW iX in 2021. For the next-generation solution, the pair will introduce a more powerful computing platform that hosts jointly developed algorithms.

Milestone for BMW Group

According to Nicolai Martin, Senior Vice President of Driving Experience at BMW Group, this joint development is an important milestone for the BMW Group in terms of their next generation of automated driving and parking. With scalable L4 parking experiences, they aim to confirm and strengthen their leading position in this domain.

Long-Lasting Partnership with Valeo

Marc Vrecko, President of Valeo’s Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems Business Group, is proud of the long-term cooperation between the BMW Group and Valeo. He said that the co-development and deployment of Automated Parking solutions will permit Level 4 driverless operation in BMW’s upcoming series production vehicles. Building on already commercialized stack components, this cooperation will leverage their know-how and technologies and enable them to extend their portfolio to L4 functions as well as into cloud services.

Standard for Intuitive and Pleasant User Experience

Other automakers will be able to join this platform, with BMW once again setting the standard for the most intuitive and pleasant user experience that its customers expect. Both companies aim to continue delivering world-class driving and parking experiences to their customers.

Benefits of the Joint Venture

The joint venture between BMW and Valeo is expected to bring several benefits to both companies. One major benefit for BMW is Valeo’s expertise in parking and driving assistance systems, which will help BMW enhance its vehicles’ features in these areas. Valeo will also benefit from the partnership by gaining access to BMW’s advanced AI-based computer vision algorithms.

Expected Advancements

The partnership between BMW and Valeo is expected to accelerate the development of Level 4 Automated Valet Parking technology. This technology allows a vehicle to park itself in a designated parking spot without the need for a human driver to be present. The joint venture will also enable BMW to offer its customers a more intuitive and user-friendly parking experience, which will enhance the overall driving experience and help differentiate BMW’s vehicles from its competitors.

The Future of Autonomous Driving

The joint venture between BMW and Valeo is just the latest example of how automotive companies are partnering with technology firms to accelerate the development of autonomous driving technology. Going forward, it is expected that more and more automotive companies will look to form similar partnerships in order to gain access to the latest technology and expertise. As a result, we can expect to see significant advancements in the field of autonomous driving in the coming years.


Overall, the joint venture between BMW and Valeo is a positive step forward in the development of autonomous driving technology. The collaboration between the two companies will bring significant benefits to both parties and is expected to result in significant advancements in the field. As more automotive companies look to form similar partnerships, we can expect to see further progress in the development of autonomous driving technology, making driving safer and more efficient for everyone.

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