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eBus from Transdev in Sweden

Public transportation operator Transdev AB has awarded a substantial electric bus (eBus) order to BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs). The order consists of 52 BYD eBuses and is the largest order that Transdev has placed with BYD since the introduction of the brand to its fleet in 2015.

Transdev is one of the largest public transport operators in Sweden and is committed to investing in new mobility solutions, especially in electric buses. The 52 BYD eBuses will be delivered to the province of Gästrikland on the east coast of Sweden and will be commissioned for public transport services operated by Transdev in this environmentally conscious region.

Integrated Ecosystem for Improved Reliability and Efficiency

The BYD eBuses are equipped with BYD’s unique 6-in-1 controller, which integrates the entire ecosystem of the bus, improving reliability and increasing operational efficiency. Intelligent systems, including BYD’s highly efficient Battery Thermal Management System, optimize range, safety, and comfort. These innovative technologies also allow the buses to operate reliably in extreme climatic conditions. The exterior design of the BYD eBuses is sleek and modern, with an integrated composite roof that is lighter in weight and offers even greater levels of structural safety. The interior is finished with durable new materials, creating a stylish and comfortable passenger experience.

BYD eBuses Making an Impact Across the Nordic Region and Beyond

The adoption of electric buses is growing rapidly in Sweden and the wider Nordic region, with over 700 BYD eBuses already in service or on order. Over 3,000 BYD eBuses are in operation in Europe, having collectively traveled more than 197 million km and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 211,000 tonnes.

Transdev is confident that BYD meets its requirements throughout its production chain, and its long-established relationship with BYD continues to evolve. Introducing these 52 BYD eBuses to its fleet is a significant step forward in achieving its sustainability goals. BYD’s eBuses are playing a crucial role in empowering the electrification of public transport across the Nordic region and beyond, and we can expect to see further innovation and progress towards more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in the transportation industry.


 The substantial eBus order of 52 BYD eBuses from Transdev AB in Sweden is a testament to BYD’s commitment to providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for public transport. The advanced technology of BYD eBuses  such as the Iron-Phosphate Battery and 6-in-1 controller, offer enhanced safety, reliability, and range, making them a practical option for many public transport operators. With over 700 BYD eBuses in service or on order within the Nordic Region and over 3,000 in Europe, BYD is playing a pivotal role in empowering the electrification of public transport. This latest pioneering technology is expected to accelerate further the transition to sustainable and eco-friendly public transport solutions as BYD continues to innovate and inspire eMobility on a global scale.

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