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Get ready to hail a self-driving ride! DiDi Autonomous Driving, the tech arm behind the popular ride-hailing app DiDi, has joined forces with GAC Aion, a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, to mass produce fully autonomous electric robotaxis by 2025. This collaboration marks a significant step towards a future with self-driving cars seamlessly integrated into ride-sharing networks.

The joint venture, named Andi Technology Co., Ltd., will spearhead the development and production of these next-generation robotaxis. Their first offering will be a crossover electric SUV, built on GAC Aion’s cutting-edge AEP 3.0 electric vehicle platform and X-Soul electric and electronic architecture. This foundation promises a robust and reliable base for the autonomous driving technology.

DiDi Autonomous Driving will equip the robotaxis with their self-driving tech solutions, ensuring safe navigation and operation. This includes a comprehensive safety redundancy system, a crucial feature for autonomous vehicles. To enhance the passenger experience, the robotaxis will also boast the latest generation of in-cabin entertainment systems, making the ride comfortable and enjoyable.

Once the first batch of these robotaxis rolls off the production line, they’ll be seamlessly integrated into DiDi’s automated operation and maintenance center, Huiju Port. This ensures efficient management and upkeep of the autonomous fleet. The ultimate goal? Large-scale deployment within DiDi’s extensive shared mobility network. Imagine hailing a self-driving electric car through your DiDi app – that future is just around the corner, thanks to this collaboration.

Leading the Andi team are Chairman Zhang Xiong, who also holds the position of Deputy General Manager at GAC Aion, and General Manager Meng Xing, the Chief Operating Officer of DiDi Autonomous Driving. Their combined expertise in electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology positions Andi for success.

Meng Xing, expressing his enthusiasm for the project, stated, “The establishment of the joint venture represents a significant step forward…marking a new phase of productization in the autonomous driving industry.” He further emphasized DiDi’s commitment to working closely with GAC Aion to accelerate the large-scale commercialization of autonomous driving technology.

This announcement is a major development in the race towards autonomous vehicles. China has emerged as a frontrunner in this field, with significant investments and advancements being made. DiDi and GAC Aion’s collaboration has the potential to revolutionize transportation not just in China, but across the globe. With mass production slated for 2025, we’re on the cusp of a future where self-driving electric robotaxis become a familiar sight on our roads.

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