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Dynamic Research Enhances Verification Testing for ADAS

Dynamic Research Inc (DRI), a testing services provider based in California, has announced the addition of two updated draft protocols to its suite of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) verification tests. The new protocols cover Pedestrian Autonomous Emergency Braking (PAEB) and the vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention test, including motorcycles and tractor-trailers. With these additions, DRI can now conduct all of the IIHS collision avoidance system verification tests.

The updated protocols were released in May and are expected to be finalized later this year. By proactively testing pre-production or production representative models using the new protocols, DRI offers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) the opportunity to obtain IIHS safety ratings before market release, without having to wait for IIHS to conduct the testing themselves.

Nadine Wong, director of track testing at DRI, expressed enthusiasm about the expanded capabilities, stating, “Following the addition of the new draft protocols to our test list, we can now conduct all of the IIHS collision avoidance system verification tests. Our customers often bundle all of their necessary regulatory ADAS tests together, which minimizes time, cost, and logistical challenges. Testing efficiency is significantly improved, as the vehicle only needs to be set up once to conduct all the tests.”

DRI’s facility near Bakersfield is equipped with advanced ADAS testing tools, including AB Dynamics’ driving robots, Guided Soft Target (GST) platforms, Soft Car 360s, Soft Motorcycle 360s, Soft Pedestrian 360s, LaunchPad target platforms, and access to tractor-trailer units. The privately owned proving ground was purpose-built to meet the requirements of ADAS technology development and verification, including the specific lane line markings dictated by the IIHS test protocols.

Wong highlighted the substantial investment required to conduct ADAS tests, which includes equipment and proving ground infrastructure. Not all OEMs possess these capabilities or the necessary experience to carry out such comprehensive testing. DRI aims to provide a convenient solution by offering a one-stop shop for ADAS testing. Wong emphasized their close working relationship with IIHS, their daily involvement in this type of testing, and their integral role in the development of ADAS testing since the introduction of these technologies.

The ability to conduct the full suite of IIHS ADAS verification tests allows DRI to support OEMs in achieving their safety goals more efficiently. By bundling regulatory ADAS testing together, manufacturers can streamline the testing process, saving time and costs associated with test vehicle logistics. Additionally, DRI’s expertise and state-of-the-art equipment ensure accurate and reliable results.

As the automotive industry continues to prioritize safety advancements, DRI’s expanded capabilities position them as a leading testing services provider in the field of ADAS technology. By enabling OEMs to proactively test their vehicles using the latest IIHS protocols, DRI contributes to the acceleration of safety ratings and the overall improvement of collision avoidance systems. With their comprehensive approach and dedication to ADAS testing, DRI plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and reliability of vehicles on the road.

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