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Enhancing Nvidia Drive and Omniverse Platforms with Hesai's Lidar Technology

Hesai Technology, a leading provider of lidar sensors, and Nvidia, a global leader in AI, simulation, and software development platforms, have joined forces to propel the autonomous driving industry forward. Through a strategic collaboration, the two companies will integrate Hesai’s cutting-edge lidar sensors with Nvidia’s Drive and Omniverse ecosystems, promising to unlock new possibilities for autonomous vehicles (AVs).

The integration of Hesai’s ultra-high resolution long-range lidar, the AT128, with Nvidia’s powerful AI, simulation, and software platforms offers developers unprecedented tools and resources for building advanced autonomous driving applications. The AT128 boasts an impressive 128 independent VCSEL laser transmitters, capable of achieving a staggering 1.53 million data points per second and a detection range of 200 meters. This breakthrough lidar technology, when combined with Nvidia’s sophisticated solutions, promises to revolutionize the AV industry.

Nvidia DriveWorks, a versatile vehicle software development platform, will be enhanced through the integration of Hesai’s lidar sensors. Developers working on autonomous driving solutions with DriveWorks can now seamlessly integrate Hesai’s lidar sensors into their vehicles, providing them with vital insights and cutting-edge capabilities for advancing their AV projects.

The collaboration also extends to Nvidia Drive Sim, a simulation platform built on the robust Omniverse platform. Drive Sim enables developers to test and validate AD systems in a highly realistic virtual environment. With the integration of Hesai’s lidar, engineers gain access to enhanced capabilities for simulating real-world lidar data, facilitating more accurate and efficient testing of AV algorithms. This synergy between Hesai’s lidar sensors and Nvidia’s simulation technologies will accelerate the development and validation of AV systems.

Bob in den Bosch, the esteemed Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Hesai Technology, enthusiastically emphasized the transformative potential of the collaboration, stating, “The fusion of our lidar technology expertise with Nvidia’s world-renowned simulation and software development platforms will empower developers with invaluable insights and resources, unlocking the full capabilities of lidar in autonomous driving applications. This announcement signifies a momentous stride towards propelling the autonomous driving industry to new horizons.

Glenn Schuster, the esteemed Senior Director of Sensor Ecosystems at Nvidia, echoed the sentiment, underlining the remarkable advantages this partnership offers to autonomous vehicle developers. He expressed, “This collaboration will seamlessly equip autonomous vehicle developers with an array of powerful tools and enhanced flexibility throughout the AV pipeline. Together, our mission is to push the boundaries of lidar technology and expedite the deployment of safe and efficient autonomous driving systems.

As the automotive industry races towards achieving fully autonomous vehicles, lidar technology plays a pivotal role in providing a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s surroundings. Lidar sensors use laser beams to create precise 3D maps of the environment, enabling AVs to perceive and navigate through complex scenarios. The integration of Hesai’s lidar sensors with Nvidia’s powerful AI capabilities and simulation platforms paves the way for safer, more efficient, and reliable autonomous driving systems.

The partnership’s ultimate goal is to expedite the deployment of AVs by empowering developers with state-of-the-art tools and resources. By combining Hesai’s industry-leading lidar sensors with Nvidia’s innovative software solutions, the companies seek to redefine the possibilities of autonomous driving and ensure a transformative impact on the transportation landscape.

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