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Ford Empowers Customers to Activate BlueCruise

Ford is embarking on a new strategy to enhance its vehicle offerings and provide greater convenience to its customers. The company has announced a significant update, revealing its decision to include BlueCruise hardware as a standard feature in all of its factory-produced vehicles. This move aims to grant vehicle owners the flexibility to activate the Level 2 hands-free advanced driver assistance system, known as BlueCruise, at any point during their ownership. This innovative system allows for “hands-off, eyes-on” driving on specific roadways, offering a blend of convenience and safety.

Under this new offering, customers purchasing Ford vehicles will have the option to either activate BlueCruise at the time of purchase or choose to enable it later, thus enhancing the level of flexibility. This can be achieved through annual or monthly activation plans, providing users with a range of choices to suit their preferences and needs. To make the decision-making process even more informed, prospective users will also have the opportunity to try the software before committing to a purchase.

Ashley Lambrix, the head of commercial acceleration for Ford Model E, expressed confidence in the transformative potential of BlueCruise technology. Lambrix highlighted that many individuals find themselves astounded by how this technology can alleviate the stress associated with driving and make it a more enjoyable experience, especially in scenarios such as traffic congestion or lengthy journeys. Lambrix emphasized the company’s belief in the technology’s positive impact and stressed the goal of offering a broader customer base the chance to experience it firsthand. The introduction of flexible activation options aims to empower users to decide when they want to take advantage of BlueCruise, aligning with Ford’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Prior to this development, customers were required to make a definitive choice regarding BlueCruise when placing their vehicle orders, as this determined whether the necessary hardware would be installed. This strategic shift eliminates the need for customers to make an immediate decision and offers them the freedom to evaluate the technology within their own time frame.

For the upcoming 2024 model year, Ford intends to integrate BlueCruise hardware into approximately 500,000 vehicles across the Ford and Lincoln brands in North America. This substantial rollout signifies the company’s dedication to expanding the accessibility of advanced driver assistance systems.

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