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FORVIA & CHERY JV: Crafting Future Cockpits

FORVIA, a renowned French automotive technology supplier, has sealed a partnership deal with CHERY, a prominent Chinese automaker, aiming to bolster their collaboration in the realm of intelligent and eco-friendly cockpits. This strategic move involves the establishment of a new joint venture, dubbed ‘Cockpit of the Future,’ situated in Wuhu, China.

The primary objective of this joint venture is to conceive, develop, produce, and distribute a comprehensive range of cabin-related systems and modules encompassing seats, interiors, and cockpit electronics. Emphasis will be placed on employing materials and processes that contribute to lower CO2 emissions. FORVIA anticipates consolidating the JV, targeting a substantial sales figure of €1 billion by the year 2029.

The venture will also encompass the establishment of a dedicated R&D center specializing in industrial design and cockpit integration capabilities. This initiative will empower both FORVIA and CHERY to offer sustainable and competitive consumer experiences. The plan includes the launch of two production facilities in the first half of 2024 to bolster CHERY’s growth trajectory.

CHERY, a powerhouse in the Chinese automotive landscape, has set ambitious production targets of approximately 3 million units by 2024 and over 5 million units by 2026. Yin Tongyue, Chairman of CHERY, underscores the strategic priorities of electrification, intelligence, brand elevation, globalization, and sustainable development. He emphasizes the vast potential for collaboration between the two entities in the domains of intelligent cockpits and low CO2 emission materials, along with promising prospects for synergy in international markets.

Patrick Koller, CEO of FORVIA, highlights the ongoing technological revolution in the automotive sector, particularly the surging demand for smart and sustainable cockpits. Koller expresses satisfaction in deepening the collaboration with CHERY, emphasizing their status as a pivotal technology-driven partner. The overarching aim is to transform vehicle cabins into intelligently designed spaces, catering to the diverse needs of consumers through innovative and eco-conscious solutions. This vision aligns with the pursuit of a safe, affordable, sustainable, and personalized mobility experience.

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