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In a bold leap forward for automotive innovation, Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Geely Auto has unveiled what it claims to be a revolutionary breakthrough in autonomous driving technology. Dubbed as “the world’s first driverless drifting technology,” Geely’s latest demonstration on Weibo showcases a mesmerizing display of precision and control, as an AI-driven vehicle executes daring drifting maneuvers on snow and ice with the finesse of a professional race car driver.

This groundbreaking feat underscores Geely’s relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of automotive technology, as the company harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize the driving experience. The demonstration not only mesmerizes with its spectacle but also highlights the practical applications of such advanced technology in enhancing safety and performance on the road.

At the heart of this innovation lies Geely’s AI digital chassis technology, a sophisticated system that empowers smart electric vehicles to navigate treacherous terrain with unparalleled precision and agility. Through meticulous engineering and cutting-edge design, Geely has equipped its vehicles with the ability to stabilize in emergency braking scenarios, navigate around obstacles, and execute dynamic drifting maneuvers with unmatched proficiency.

Central to this technology is the vehicle’s steer-by-wire system, which offers unparalleled control over drifting direction, with adjustments made in milliseconds. This level of precision not only ensures a thrilling driving experience but also prioritizes passenger safety through advanced safety features and driver assistance systems.

Geely’s commitment to safety and innovation extends beyond the realm of autonomous drifting. The company’s smart electric vehicles incorporate a suite of intelligent safety assistance features, including active avoidance and braking mechanisms, to mitigate potential hazards on the road. This holistic approach to safety underscores Geely’s dedication to delivering a safer and more advanced mobility experience for drivers and passengers alike.

Moreover, Geely’s investment in refining torque vectoring control of wheel-side motors enables dynamic power distribution, facilitating precise vehicle maneuvering, including drifting. This sophisticated control system enhances both the performance and safety of Geely’s vehicles, setting a new standard for automotive excellence in the EV industry.

As a brand under the esteemed Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Geely Auto continues to spearhead innovation in the automotive sector. With a diverse portfolio that includes brands such as Zeekr, Volvo, Lotus, and Polestar, Geely is committed to integrating new advanced energy technologies into its product lineup. By incorporating AI digital chassis technology into vehicles across its Lynk & Co and Geely Galaxy product portfolios, Geely aims to redefine the future of mobility, delivering safer, more efficient, and more exhilarating driving experiences for consumers worldwide.

In conclusion, Geely Auto’s unveiling of the world’s first driverless drifting technology marks a significant milestone in the evolution of autonomous driving. Through relentless innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence, Geely is reshaping the automotive landscape, paving the way for a future where intelligent, autonomous vehicles redefine the way we drive.

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