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GMV Expands Collaboration with BMW Group

GMV, a Spanish technology group, has secured a significant contract with BMW Group to provide cutting-edge positioning technology for the automaker’s next generation of automated driving systems. This announcement comes on the heels of a previous collaboration between the two companies in 2019 when GMV was tasked with developing GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) systems for BMW.

GMV’s positioning solution consists of two key components: the onboard Positioning Engine software (PE) and a GNSS Corrections Service (CS). These components work in tandem to supply vehicles with critical data, including corrections to the Broadcast GNSS Ephemeris, augmentation data, and safety-related information. This advanced technology ensures precise and reliable positioning for BMW’s automated driving systems.

One noteworthy aspect of GMV’s solution is its adaptability and compliance with industry standards. The Positioning Engine software and GNSS Corrections Service have evolved over the years to meet the stringent requirements set forth by various GNSS-based high-accuracy positioning markets. These requirements include adhering to ISO 26262, which deals with functional safety in road vehicles, and ISO 21448 (SOTIF – Safety of the Intended Function), which focuses on safety aspects of automated driving systems.

Miguel Ángel Martínez Olagüe, the general manager of intelligent transportation systems at GMV, emphasized the company’s long-standing commitment to GNSS technologies tailored to the needs of the automotive industry. He stated, “GMV has been investing for many years in the key GNSS technologies that the most demanding OEMs will require for their automated driving systems.” Olagüe further noted that this new contract with BMW Group marks a significant milestone for GMV, positioning them as leaders in the provision of reliable positioning information for the automotive sector.

GMV sees this collaboration with BMW as an opportunity to build upon their existing work and deliver an even more advanced product that meets the exacting demands of automated driving. The enhanced product will target several critical areas, including expanding the operational design domain for localization on highways, improving performance in complex urban environments, and incorporating additional satellite constellations to enhance accuracy and reliability.

The importance of precise positioning technology cannot be overstated in the context of automated driving. Vehicles must have real-time and highly accurate data about their location, especially when navigating challenging scenarios like highway driving and urban environments. The ability to incorporate additional satellite constellations will further enhance the resilience of the system, ensuring reliable performance in various conditions and locations.

As the automotive industry continues to advance toward greater automation, partnerships like the one between GMV and BMW Group play a crucial role in developing the necessary technologies. The collaboration not only benefits the automaker but also contributes to the broader goal of making automated driving safer and more reliable for consumers.

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