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Great Wall Motor and Autoliv Announce Collaboration

Great Wall Motor (GWM) and Autoliv China, a subsidiary of Autoliv Inc., have recently unveiled an exciting partnership aimed at advancing automotive safety technologies to new heights. This collaboration builds on a longstanding relationship dating back to 2003 when Autoliv first pioneered and supplied seat belts for GWM’s SUVs. Now, two decades later, the duo is poised to revolutionize the automotive safety landscape with cutting-edge innovations that promise to enhance both the safety and comfort of vehicles.

One of the most intriguing developments expected to emerge from this partnership is the introduction of an overhead passenger airbag system. Unlike conventional airbags that deploy from the steering wheel or dashboard, this revolutionary airbag will descend from the ceiling of the car. This ingenious design not only promises enhanced safety but also liberates valuable interior space within the vehicle, contributing to a more comfortable and spacious cabin environment for passengers.

In addition to the groundbreaking overhead airbag, the collaboration between GWM and Autoliv China encompasses the creation of an integrated safety system known as the “zero-gravity seat.” This innovation is tailor-made for autonomous vehicles, where the traditional seating configuration is reimagined to provide passengers with a safe and comfortable experience. As autonomous vehicles continue to gain momentum, this zero-gravity seat promises to be a game-changer in ensuring passenger safety and well-being.

GWM, a prominent player in the automotive industry, boasts a diverse portfolio of vehicle brands, including Great Wall, Haval, WEY, TANK, and POER. Notably, GWM is also a forerunner in the electric vehicle sector, producing dedicated EVs under the ORA brand. With a shared commitment to sustainability, GWM and Autoliv China are dedicated to developing low-carbon solutions that align with environmental goals.

As part of their sustainability drive, the collaboration between Autoliv China and GWM involves the development of innovative products crafted from sustainable materials. For instance, bio-PET, a biodegradable material, will serve as the fundamental fabric for airbag cushions. This eco-friendly approach not only enhances safety but also reduces the environmental footprint of these essential safety components. Furthermore, bio-leather wrapping will adorn the steering wheels of GWM vehicles, offering a luxurious and sustainable touch to the interior.

Jack Wei, the visionary Founder and Chairman of GWM, conveyed his optimism regarding this collaborative endeavor, articulating, “The partnership between GWM and Autoliv has a rich history spanning over two decades, and I firmly believe that today marks the commencement of an exciting new chapter. Our collaboration will delve deeply into innovative technology, platformization, and commonization, promising a wide array of solutions to shape the future of mobility.” Mr. Wei’s boundless enthusiasm exemplifies the unwavering dedication to innovation and cooperative synergy driving this dynamic partnership forward.

Mikael Bratt, who serves as the President and CEO of Autoliv, Inc., offered his valuable insights regarding this collaborative venture. He underscored the profound significance of this partnership in reshaping the landscape of transportation. Bratt remarked, “This strategic alliance signifies a pivotal milestone in the shared mission of Autoliv and GWM to revolutionize the way individuals perceive and engage with transportation. Our joint dedication to safety is coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Autoliv China will forge a close partnership with the GWM team, synergizing Autoliv’s expertise and strengths within our collaboration, thereby elevating both safety standards and the overall driving experience for a global audience.

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