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Hankook acquires 3Secondz tech

South Korean tire manufacturer, Hankook & Company, has acquired driver-specific autonomous driving technologies from the Korean startup, 3Secondz. The startup was established in 2016 by CEO Kim Jae-woo and has developed advanced autonomous driving technologies based on real-time driving data collection and analysis.

The partnership between Hankook & Company and 3Secondz

The partnership between the two companies started in 2020 when Hankook implemented 3Secondz’s real-time test vehicle control system and unmanned test solutions at Hankook Tire & Technology’s Technoring tire test track. In June 2022, 3Secondz used an autonomous test-driving car capable of checking a tire’s grip and durability levels on a gravel road section of the Hankook Technoring.

Acquisition of technology by Hankook & Company

The acquisition of the technology is aimed at giving Hankook & Company significant advantages in the areas of tire and vehicle development. By acquiring the technology, Hankook aims to accelerate future autonomous driving and intelligent tire development technologies. Upon completion of the acquisition, 3Secondz’s employees in charge of autonomous driving technology development will be transferred to Hankook & Company to enable the continued development of mobility technology projects.

Hankook & Company’s perspective on the acquisition

Hankook & Company has expressed excitement over the acquisition, stating that it will enable the company to lead AI-related technologies in the mobility field. The company is also looking forward to creating strong synergies with 3Secondz in various future businesses. According to Seong-Jin Kim, CDO and CIO of Hankook & Company, the company is committed to working with 3Secondz to advance Hankook Technoring control solutions.


The acquisition of autonomous driving technology from 3Secondz by Hankook & Company is a significant milestone in the development of autonomous driving and intelligent tire technologies. The partnership between the two companies has been instrumental in the development of the technology, and the acquisition will enable Hankook to leverage 3Secondz’s expertise in driver-specific autonomous driving technologies. The companies are committed to advancing Hankook Technoring control solutions, and the acquisition is expected to create strong synergies in future businesses.

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