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The future of autonomous driving takes a giant leap forward as Innoviz Technologies, a leader in lidar solutions, unveils its latest innovations at CES 2024. The spotlight is on their high-performance lidar sensors and perception software designed for automotive applications, promising a safer and more efficient driving experience. The showcase includes live demonstrations featuring a BMW i7 and Volkswagen ID. Buzz, both seamlessly integrated with Innoviz’s groundbreaking lidar technology.

Pioneering Safety with Innoviz Lidar Solutions
1. BMW i7 – Level 3 Autonomous Driving
The BMW i7, equipped with InnovizOne lidar, is at the forefront of Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities. Visitors can witness the fusion of cutting-edge technology and automotive excellence, with the ability to order this groundbreaking vehicle in Germany. Deliveries are set to commence in March 2024, marking a significant step towards making autonomous driving a reality.

2. Volkswagen ID. Buzz – Level 4 Autonomous Capabilities
In the realm of light commercial vehicles, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz stands out with InnovizTwo lidar, providing Level 4 autonomous capabilities. This innovative solution reflects a commitment to enhancing safety and efficiency in the automotive industry. Innoviz’s lidar technology enables the ID. Buzz to navigate complex urban environments with ease, showcasing the potential for fully autonomous commercial transportation.

Omer Keilaf’s Vision for a Safer Future
Omer Keilaf, the co-founder and CEO of Innoviz, expresses his enthusiasm for showcasing Innoviz technology and partnerships at CES. Keilaf emphasizes the pivotal role of lidar in prioritizing safety on the roads.
Live Demonstrations: Unveiling InnovizTwo and Innoviz360
The booth at CES offers live demonstrations featuring the second-generation InnovizTwo lidar sensor and the recently introduced Innoviz360. InnovizTwo represents a significant advancement, providing enhanced performance and addressing the limitations of existing spinning lidar technologies in terms of performance, size, and cost. Meanwhile, Innoviz360 introduces an innovative design, setting new standards in the industry.

Overcoming Limitations with Innoviz360
The Innoviz360 lidar sensor is engineered to overcome the limitations of traditional spinning lidar technologies. Its enhanced performance, coupled with an innovative design, positions it as a game-changer in the industry. Innoviz360 addresses issues related to size, cost, and performance, paving the way for a more accessible and effective integration of lidar technology in automotive applications.

Pre-Scheduled Test Drives: Showcasing Real-World Performance
In addition to the live demonstrations, Innoviz Technologies is offering pre-scheduled test drives of its lidar technology. This initiative aims to provide firsthand experiences of the real-world performance and safety enhancements offered by Innoviz’s solutions in automotive applications. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the technology in action, emphasizing its practicality and effectiveness on the road.

Conclusion: Building a Safer and Autonomous Future
Innoviz Technologies’ presence at CES 2024 marks a significant milestone in the journey towards autonomous driving. The showcased lidar solutions, integrated seamlessly into vehicles from renowned manufacturers like BMW and Volkswagen, underscore the industry’s commitment to safety and innovation. As Omer Keilaf envisions, Innoviz’s lidar technology plays a pivotal role in building a safer future, ensuring unparalleled protection for all road users.

The live demonstrations and test drives not only highlight the capabilities of InnovizTwo and Innoviz360 but also provide a glimpse into the imminent future of autonomous driving. With deliveries of the BMW i7 set to commence in March 2024, the integration of Innoviz’s lidar technology into commercially available vehicles signifies a tangible step forward in reshaping the automotive landscape. As we embrace these advancements, it becomes increasingly clear that Innoviz Technologies is at the forefront of revolutionizing how vehicles perceive and navigate the world around them, ultimately paving the way for a safer and more autonomous future on the roads.

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