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Introducing Honda's Latest Addition to the Electric Revolution

Honda has unveiled its latest all-electric offering, the e: Ny1, a compact SUV designed to cater to the increasing demand for all-electric B-segment SUVs. Following the success of the Honda e-city car, the e: Ny1 marks Honda’s second pure EV release in the region. The vehicle was unveiled at a media event held at Honda’s European research and development facility in Offenbach, Germany, where the brand showcased its commitment to electrification and cutting-edge design.

Built upon Honda’s newly-developed e: N Architecture F, a front-motor-driven platform, the e: Ny1 exemplifies Honda’s dedication to innovation and engineering excellence. Notably, the compact SUV features a lightweight three-in-one integrated power drive unit that combines the electric motor, gearbox, and power drive into a single unit. This pioneering design enables the e: Ny1 to achieve an impressive maximum output of 150 kW and generate a torque of 310 Nm, delivering a thrilling driving experience.

Underneath the floor of the e: Ny1 sits a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, providing a range of up to 412 km (WLTP) on a full charge. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with DC fast-charging capability, enabling the battery to charge from 10% to 80% in just 45 minutes. This fast-charging feature makes the e: Ny1 convenient for long-distance travel and reduces charging downtime for the driver.

Inside the cabin, Honda has introduced an all-new center console that offers a user-friendly layout with easily accessible buttons, multiple storage options, and even wireless charging. The dashboard is dominated by a large 15.1-inch touchscreen, providing drivers with access to a comprehensive suite of infotainment and driving options. The integration of technology and convenience enhances the overall driving experience and reflects Honda’s commitment to intelligent, customer-centric design.

Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President at Honda Motor Europe Ltd, expressed his excitement about the e: Ny1, stating that it represents the logical next step in Honda’s electrification journey in Europe. The e: Ny1 combines intelligent technology, beautiful design, and fun-to-drive dynamics, showcasing Honda’s dedication to sustainable mobility. Gardner’s remarks highlight the brand’s continuous efforts to meet the evolving needs and expectations of European customers.

Katsuhisa Okuda, President and Director of Honda Motor Europe, emphasized the significance of Europe for Honda’s business, acknowledging the loyalty of their customers in the region across various product categories. Honda’s expansion of automobile products and technologies underscores its commitment to offering a diverse range of options to European consumers. Furthermore, by focusing not only on products but also on energy services, Honda aims to lay the foundation for future electrification and contribute to global sustainability targets.

Takehiro Wada, President of Honda R&D Europe, highlighted the importance of Honda’s energy research program, which serves as a test bed for smart and sustainable solutions for society and customers. By exploring energy services, Honda aims to offer cost-saving benefits to customers while reducing pressure on domestic energy infrastructure. Wada’s comments reinforce Honda’s vision of becoming a comprehensive electric mobility company that goes beyond traditional vehicle manufacturing.

Overall, the introduction of the e: Ny1 demonstrates Honda’s dedication to electrification and its commitment to meeting the evolving demands of customers in the European market. With its innovative design, impressive performance, and advanced features, the e: Ny1 sets a new standard for compact SUVs in the all-electric segment, solidifying Honda’s position as a leading player in the electric mobility space

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