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JD Logistics and AutoCore.ai Join Forces to Create Autonomous Driving System

JD Logistics and AutoCore.ai have formed a strategic partnership to collaborate on the development of an end-to-end autonomous driving system tailored specifically for the logistics industry. AutoCore.ai, a prominent player in the field of intelligent mobility software and automotive electrical and electronic architecture (EEA), brings its extensive global research and development experience to the table as one of the founding members of the Autoware Foundation, the largest open-source community for autonomous driving.

By leveraging AutoCore.ai’s expertise and industry connections, JD Logistics aims to establish interconnection specifications and standards for various components crucial to autonomous driving, including data, algorithms, sensors, and computing platforms. This collaborative effort will involve engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders to foster innovation and facilitate the widespread adoption of autonomous driving solutions.

Dr. Yang Zhang, Chairman of AutoCore.ai and co-founder of the Autoware Foundation, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting JD Logistics’ visionary leadership and commitment to driving industry transformation. He emphasized the potential positive impact on the logistics sector and extended an invitation to other ecosystem partners to join in the pursuit of large-scale deployment of autonomous driving solutions.

JD Logistics has been actively involved in autonomous last-mile delivery vehicle research and development since 2016. Their latest offering, the Generation Five Autonomous Delivery Vehicle, boasts impressive capabilities, including a carrying capacity of up to 200kg and a travel range of up to 100km per charge.

March 2023 marked a significant milestone for JD Logistics when they introduced the MVS-Fusion algorithm, developed by their dedicated R&D team. This algorithm achieved a mean average precision of 55.54% in 3D object detection using only visual data, eliminating the need for future frame data. With over 600 autonomous vehicles already operating across 30 Chinese cities, JD Logistics has established a solid foundation for further advancements in autonomous driving technology.

The partnership between JD Logistics and AutoCore.ai signifies a convergence of expertise and resources that has the potential to revolutionize the logistics industry. By combining JD Logistics’ extensive experience in the field with AutoCore.ai’s global research and development network, the collaboration aims to accelerate the deployment of autonomous driving solutions in various logistics scenarios.

With the logistics industry rapidly evolving, autonomous driving systems offer a range of benefits, including enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and improved safety. By addressing the specific challenges faced in logistics, such as last-mile delivery, this partnership seeks to unlock new possibilities and drive innovation within the sector.

JD Logistics and AutoCore.ai are set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of autonomous driving by fostering collaboration and establishing industry standards. Their joint efforts will not only drive the adoption of autonomous driving technology within the logistics sector but also contribute to the larger ecosystem of autonomous vehicles, benefitting industries beyond logistics.

As the partnership progresses, it is expected to attract additional partners and stakeholders from various sectors, further enriching the collective knowledge and expertise. Through this collaborative approach, JD Logistics and AutoCore.ai are paving the way for a future where autonomous driving is seamlessly integrated into the logistics industry, enabling efficient and sustainable transportation solutions on a large scale.

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