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Luminar and Plus Collaborate to Introduce Cutting-Edge LiDAR

Plus, a prominent provider of assisted driving systems for commercial vehicles, has selected Luminar as its exclusive supplier of mid- to long-range lidar technology for their PlusDrive system. This collaboration also entails Plus becoming the sole third-party provider of AI-based enhanced driver assist software for Luminar’s commercial vehicle OEM solution.

Luminar’s founder and CEO, Austin Russell, expressed the significance of the trucking market for their company. They believe that partnering with Plus will enable the deployment of enhanced safety features and autonomous capabilities at a larger scale, thanks to Plus’s success in the industry with major companies. This strategic alliance aims to leverage Luminar’s expertise in lidar technology and Plus’s proficiency in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to revolutionize the production of commercial vehicles.

The focal point of this collaboration is Luminar’s Iris lidar, an innovative sensing solution specifically designed for automotive applications. The Iris lidar offers exceptional performance and long-range detection capabilities, making it suitable for both consumer vehicles and heavy-duty commercial trucks. Luminar boasts a remarkable visibility range of up to 600 meters, which equates to approximately 20 seconds of visibility at highway speeds. This extensive range ensures that even fully loaded trucks can safely come to a halt when necessary, significantly enhancing the safety and comfort of trucking operations. Moreover, Luminar’s lidar technology enables advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to function optimally and lays the groundwork for future fully autonomous driving.

David Liu, CEO and co-founder of Plus, emphasized the immense value of this partnership in delivering next-generation safety features and highly automated driving systems to vehicle manufacturers and fleets. By integrating Luminar’s lidar technology into PlusDrive, their L2++ solution, Plus aims to enhance sensing capabilities over longer distances and at higher speeds. This development will facilitate the scalable commercialization of driver-in technology and expedite the journey toward full autonomy for Plus’s customers.

PlusDrive, already commercially available, enables supervised autonomy and is utilized by some of the largest fleets worldwide for freight delivery. The system employs a combination of lidar, radar, and cameras sourced from reputable manufacturers to achieve a 360° view around the vehicle and provide an extended range of visibility. Through AI-based software, the data collected by these sensors is processed, allowing for accurate prediction of the behavior of surrounding vehicles and safe maneuvering of the vehicle. PlusDrive effectively handles various driving tasks such as navigating stop-and-go traffic, executing lane changes and merges, maneuvering alongside oversized vehicles, and maintaining lane centering. The driver’s role remains critical, as they must remain vigilant and attentive while the system operates. Continuous enhancements and new features are regularly introduced through over-the-air software updates.

In conclusion, the exclusive partnership between Plus and Luminar represents a significant step forward in the development of cutting-edge safety features and advanced driver assistance systems for commercial vehicles. By leveraging Luminar’s state-of-the-art lidar technology and’s expertise in ADAS, this collaboration aims to enhance the capabilities of PlusDrive, accelerate the adoption of driver-in technology, and pave the way for full autonomy in the future. Together, Plus and Luminar are poised to shape the future of the commercial vehicle industry and revolutionize the way we think about transportation safety and efficiency.

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