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Tech Collaboration: Pony.ai & Luxembourg

Pony.ai, a cutting-edge player in the realm of autonomous mobility, is teaming up with the Luxembourg government to propel the advancement of self-driving technology within the country. The recently inked Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signals a promising collaboration aimed at nurturing research, development, and deployment efforts for autonomous vehicles in Luxembourg.

In a strategic move, Pony.ai has announced plans to establish a regional hub right in the heart of Luxembourg. This hub will serve as a pivotal center for the company’s relentless pursuit of enhancing autonomous vehicle technology through dedicated research and development initiatives.

The establishment of this hub is poised to catalyze significant technological strides, particularly in tailoring solutions that resonate with the European market’s unique needs and demands.

Moreover, the collaborative endeavor between the government and Pony.ai is geared towards fostering a robust local network that will bolster operational capabilities within Luxembourg’s borders.

Pony.ai’s operational expertise spans across various segments including Robotaxi, Robotruck, and Personally Owned Vehicle (POV) units. With a global footprint, the company is dedicated to crafting safe and efficient autonomous driving solutions that transcend geographical boundaries.

An impressive testament to Pony.ai’s prowess is its extensive track record, having logged over 30 million kilometers (equivalent to over 18.6 million miles) in autonomous testing and operational endeavors on open roads worldwide.

Dr. James Peng, the co-founder, and CEO of Pony.ai, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the partnership, stating, “As a prominent figure in the global autonomous vehicle landscape, Pony.ai is thrilled to join forces with Luxembourg as part of our ongoing global expansion efforts. We are poised to leverage our state-of-the-art AV technology, coupled with comprehensive training programs, to establish a regional hub in Luxembourg. This partnership underscores our commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of mobility.”

Echoing Dr. Peng’s sentiments, Luxembourg’s Minister of the Economy, Lex Delles, underscored the significance of this collaboration in shaping Luxembourg’s economic landscape. Delles emphasized the government’s strategic focus on the intelligent mobility sector, citing it as a pivotal driver for economic diversification.

“Our vision is to position Luxembourg as a trailblazer in autonomous driving within the European landscape,” stated Delles. “The MoU with Pony.ai marks a significant milestone in our journey towards achieving this vision. By formalizing our collaboration, we are poised to harness the technical expertise of Pony.ai, aligning it with the government’s overarching strategy to promote research, foster technological development, and stimulate sustainable economic growth.”

In essence, the partnership between Pony.ai and the Luxembourg government signifies a convergence of vision and expertise, aimed at fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and positioning Luxembourg as a frontrunner in the autonomous mobility arena within Europe and beyond.

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