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Moody’s and Microsoft Introduce Next-Generation Risk Solutions

Moody’s Corporation, a leading provider of financial services, and Microsoft have joined forces in a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing risk analysis, research, and collaboration. By harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Moody’s extensive data and analytics expertise, this collaboration seeks to deliver innovative solutions that provide deeper insights into corporate intelligence and risk assessment. The partnership integrates generative AI technology, large language models (LLMs), and Moody’s proprietary data and research, setting a new standard for the industry.

Advancing Risk Analysis with Generative AI

At the core of this partnership lies the deployment of “Moody’s CoPilot,” an internal copilot tool that empowers Moody’s 14,000 global employees. By combining Moody’s proprietary data, analytics, and research with Microsoft’s cutting-edge generative AI technology, this tool fosters firm-wide innovation and enhances productivity within a secure digital sandbox environment. With the integration of generative AI, Moody’s is poised to lead the way in the evolving landscape of risk analysis, providing customers with integrated and unparalleled perspectives on risk. This collaboration sets the stage for advancements that enable better decision-making and risk assessment.

Unlocking Multifaceted Risk Analysis with Moody’s Research Assistant

Another significant outcome of this partnership is the introduction of “Moody’s Research Assistant,” a copilot tool accessible through various channels, including Microsoft Teams. Powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, this tool maximizes the potential of Moody’s resources and solutions to offer customers a multifaceted view of risk. Moody’s Research Assistant efficiently compiles and summarizes complex information from diverse data sources, facilitating detailed and customized analyses of companies or sectors. By integrating firmographic data, credit indicators, economic forecasts, and risk profiles, this tool delivers fast, contextual, and informative answers, enabling informed decision-making. The seamless combination of expansive LLMs and Moody’s industry-leading data, analytics, and research ensures accurate and timely risk assessments.

Enhancing Collaboration and Productivity with Microsoft Teams

In addition to the innovative tools mentioned above, Moody’s will leverage Microsoft Teams as a collaboration, productivity, and communication platform for its knowledge workers and customers. By incorporating Moody’s copilot tools into Teams, manual workflows will be automated, data and content access will be streamlined, and information from multiple datasets will be synthesized. These capabilities enhance insights, improve productivity, ensure compliance, and elevate the employee and customer experience. The collaboration between Moody’s and Microsoft Teams paves the way for a transformed work environment where knowledge workers can seamlessly interact, share information, and collaborate, all while upholding the highest compliance standards.

Delivering Data Insights through Microsoft Fabric

Collaboratively, Moody’s and Microsoft will strive to provide shared customers with valuable data insights through Microsoft Fabric, an end-to-end data analytics platform. Microsoft Fabric integrates various cutting-edge technologies, including Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, and Power BI, into a unified product. This platform enables data engineers to connect and curate data from multiple sources, ensuring streamlined data governance across the organization. Leveraging Moody’s comprehensive solutions, such as the influential Moody’s Orbis database, Microsoft Fabric empowers shared customers with robust analytics capabilities, enhancing their data management and decision-making processes.

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