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Compact all-weather vision-AI driver monitoring system

oToBrite, a leading Taiwanese company specializing in vision-AI ADAS/AD solutions, has achieved a significant milestone with the development of its innovative, compact, all-weather vision-AI driver monitoring system (DMS).

This cutting-edge system is equipped with a high-sensitivity automotive-grade global shutter image sensor, ensuring exceptional quantum efficiency (QE) that delivers superior image quality both day and night. The integration of oToBrite’s advanced secondary optical system further enhances the precision and reliability of its vision-AI algorithms, enabling the DMS to perform effectively under diverse weather conditions.

One of the standout features of oToBrite’s vision-AI DMS is its proprietary AI 3D facial landmark technology. This sophisticated technology is capable of identifying over 100 different driver profiles and detecting various driving behaviors, including smoking, phone usage, distraction, and fatigue. Remarkably, the system maintains its accuracy even when drivers wear Level 3 sunglasses or glasses with coatings, as confirmed by oToBrite.

The DMS employs a 940nm infrared sensor along with a high-QE sensor, both optimized through oToBrite’s unique optical design. This combination ensures clear imaging capabilities in high-light environments exceeding 120K lux, as well as during nighttime driving conditions.

Miniaturization was a key consideration in the design of the DMS. The system requires only a single LED to meet its stringent image quality standards. Additionally, the secondary optical system is designed to adjust the LED light source to any required angle, ensuring optimal light distribution for accurate monitoring.

As global regulatory landscapes evolve and drive the demand for advanced driver monitoring systems, oToBrite has already commenced mass production of its DMS. The company has successfully delivered these systems to manufacturers of heavy commercial vehicles, underscoring the market’s readiness and the system’s commercial viability.

oToBrite’s all-weather vision-AI driver monitoring system represents a significant advancement in automotive safety technology. By combining high-sensitivity sensors with state-of-the-art AI and optical systems, the DMS provides robust and reliable driver monitoring under all conditions. The system’s ability to function effectively in both bright daylight and complete darkness, as well as through various types of eyewear, makes it an invaluable tool for enhancing driver safety and compliance.

The introduction of this advanced DMS aligns with the increasing regulatory requirements aimed at improving road safety. oToBrite’s system not only meets but exceeds these standards, offering a comprehensive solution that enhances both driver and passenger safety. The company’s commitment to innovation and quality is evident in the meticulous design and functionality of its DMS, positioning it as a leader in the field of vision-AI ADAS/AD solutions.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve with a focus on safety and automation, oToBrite’s vision-AI driver monitoring system is poised to play a crucial role. Its advanced features, combined with its all-weather capability and high accuracy, make it a vital component in the next generation of intelligent transportation systems.

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