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Global Deployment

In a groundbreaking move towards revolutionizing the future of transportation, Plus, a leading provider of autonomous driving software solutions based in the United States, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Scania, MAN, and Navistar, subsidiaries of the TRATON GROUP. This collaboration aims to spearhead the global commercial deployment of Level 4 autonomous trucks, heralding a new era of innovation and efficiency in the commercial vehicle industry.

The partnership between Plus and TRATON GROUP marks a significant milestone in the advancement of autonomous driving technology. Leveraging Plus’s cutting-edge autonomous driving software, known as SuperDrive, along with the autonomous-ready base vehicles from Scania, MAN, and Navistar, the companies are poised to create a Level 4 commercial autonomous transport solution. This solution will enable hub-to-hub operations, offering unmatched safety, efficiency, and sustainability in freight transportation.

Currently, trucks equipped with Plus’s SuperDrive technology are undergoing rigorous testing on public roads in both Europe and the United States, with safety drivers onboard. These trials represent a crucial step towards achieving regulatory approval and ensuring the reliability and safety of autonomous driving systems in real-world scenarios.

The timeline set forth by the partnership outlines ambitious yet attainable goals. Pilot commercial operations with autonomous fleets are slated to commence in 2024, paving the way for series production and widespread global deployment thereafter. The collaborative efforts of Plus and TRATON GROUP are poised to accelerate the adoption of Level 4 autonomous trucks, revolutionizing the commercial transport landscape.

In Europe, testing is already underway on a designated route between Södertälje and Nyköping in Sweden. Furthermore, plans are in place to expand pilot operations to include customers in other European countries by 2024. These initiatives underscore the commitment of Plus and TRATON GROUP to driving innovation and shaping the future of autonomous transportation on a global scale.

Shawn Kerrigan, COO and Co-Founder of Plus, expressed enthusiasm regarding the partnership, emphasizing the company’s dedication to delivering safer and more sustainable transportation solutions. Kerrigan’s sentiments were echoed by Peter Hafmar, Vice President and Head of Autonomous Solutions at Scania, who highlighted the strategic significance of autonomous technology in providing tailored transport solutions for customers.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Plus has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the field of autonomous driving technology. With operations spanning across the United States, Europe, and Australia, the company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, ranging from driver-assist systems to highly automated PlusDrive and driver-out SuperDrive.

The collaboration between Plus and TRATON GROUP underscores a shared vision for the future of transportation—one that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and sustainability. By harnessing the power of autonomous driving technology, these industry leaders are poised to redefine the way goods are transported, ushering in a new era of innovation and progress.

In conclusion, the partnership between Plus and TRATON GROUP represents a significant step forward in the realization of autonomous transportation solutions. With pilot operations set to commence in 2024 and plans for global deployment at scale, the stage is set for a transformative shift in the commercial transport industry. As the world eagerly anticipates the dawn of the autonomous era, Plus and TRATON GROUP stand at the forefront, driving innovation and shaping the future of transportation.


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