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pplied Intuition for Vehicle Software Development

Applied Intuition, a leading software supplier, has announced a strategic partnership with the renowned German automotive giant, Porsche. This collaboration aims to co-develop advanced automotive software solutions. Notably, this partnership emphasizes retaining software ownership and reducing reliance on opaque software suppliers.

The primary objective of this joint venture is to streamline the software integration process, thereby accelerating the implementation speed and minimizing complexity. Porsche intends to leverage Applied Intuition’s specialized expertise in software development, deployment, and updates to deliver distinctive user experiences in their vehicles.

Qasar Younis, the co-founder and CEO of Applied Intuition, commented on the unique challenges posed by software and AI development in the automotive industry. He stated, “The dynamics of software and AI development are markedly different from traditional hardware-centric automotive development. The integration and updating of diverse software and AI components present distinct challenges, and this is where our AI-centric approach as a software company proves invaluable.”

In the contemporary automotive landscape, the regular integration and updating of software components sourced from various vendors have become imperative. Porsche plans to implement software best practices and adopt continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) methodologies to manage and deploy software for upcoming vehicle models through an off-board platform. To facilitate comprehensive software validation, the tools employed will include software-in-the-loop (SIL), hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), and rigorous vehicle testing protocols.

Michael Steiner, a key member of Porsche’s executive board responsible for research and development, expressed the significance of this collaboration. He stated, “Applied Intuition has emerged as a pivotal software partner for us, enhancing our understanding of software intricacies across all vehicle components. Adopting software-centric testing methodologies earlier in the development cycle enables us to iterate more swiftly and concentrate on delivering unparalleled consumer experiences. This collaboration will bolster Porsche’s software expertise, synergizing with and reinforcing the software initiatives within the Volkswagen Group.”

This partnership signifies a pivotal shift in Porsche’s approach to software development and integration. By collaborating with Applied Intuition, Porsche aims to gain a deeper understanding of software intricacies throughout the vehicle’s architecture. Adopting a software-first approach allows for more efficient testing methodologies, facilitating faster iterations and a sharper focus on creating superior consumer experiences.

The incorporation of Applied Intuition’s expertise is expected to revolutionize Porsche’s software development processes. With a focus on leveraging best practices and cutting-edge CI/CD methodologies, Porsche intends to deploy and manage software for future vehicle models via an advanced off-board platform. The utilization of state-of-the-art tools like SIL, HIL, and comprehensive vehicle testing will further enhance the quality and reliability of the software integrated into Porsche vehicles.

Michael Steiner emphasized the transformative potential of this collaboration, highlighting the strategic importance of partnering with Applied Intuition. He stated, “Our collaboration with Applied Intuition is instrumental in enhancing our software capabilities and understanding. By adopting software-centric testing methodologies at an early stage in the development process, we can accelerate our iteration cycles and concentrate on crafting the best possible consumer experiences. This partnership will undoubtedly strengthen Porsche’s software acumen and complement the ongoing software initiatives within the broader Volkswagen Group.

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