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In a landmark move poised to revolutionize the landscape of advanced mobility solutions, Sany Group, a leading heavy equipment manufacturing company, and Ambarella, a pioneering edge AI semiconductor firm, have unveiled a strategic collaboration. The partnership aims to propel the development and deployment of cutting-edge automated driving solutions for the global market.

At the heart of this collaboration lies Sany’s commitment to leverage Ambarella’s state-of-the-art CV3-AD family of automotive AI domain controller systems-on-chip (SoCs) to drive innovation in automated driving technologies. Ambarella’s CV3-AD SoCs stand out for their capability to support birds-eye-view (BEV) transformer neural networks, ushering in a new era of precise perception and fusion devoid of high-precision maps. This breakthrough technology enables functionalities such as city navigation on autopilot (NOA), planning, control, and other advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), setting a new benchmark for autonomous vehicle capabilities.

Xiang Wenbo, the rotating chairman of Sany Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership during a recent meeting with Fermi Wang, president and CEO of Ambarella. Welcoming Wang warmly, Wenbo underscored the immense potential of this collaboration within the context of Sany Group’s future development strategy and the widespread integration of AI technologies. He emphasized the vast opportunities that lie ahead for Sany-Ambarella cooperation and expressed his desire to deepen and expand this partnership for mutual success in the years to come.

Fermi Wang echoed Wenbo’s sentiments, highlighting the strategic alignment between Ambarella’s development trajectory and Sany Group’s vision, particularly in the realms of digitalization and decarbonization. Wang emphasized the industry-leading attributes of Ambarella’s AI SoCs, including their unparalleled combination of low power consumption, high performance, and exceptional image processing capabilities. By integrating Ambarella’s CV3-AD AI domain control SoCs with Sany Group’s domain expertise, both companies aim to accelerate the widespread adoption of intelligent solutions in commercial and special-purpose vehicles, setting a new standard for the future of mobility.

The collaboration between Sany Group and Ambarella holds immense promise for the advancement of mobility solutions worldwide. By harnessing the power of AI-driven technologies, the partnership seeks to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability across diverse applications in transportation. From commercial fleets to specialized vehicles, the integration of Ambarella’s advanced AI SoCs promises to unlock new levels of autonomy, enabling vehicles to navigate complex environments with unprecedented precision and reliability.

Looking ahead, the roadmap for this collaboration includes the development and production of the first collaborative vehicle model featuring integrated driving solutions by 2025. This milestone represents a significant step forward in realizing the shared vision of Sany Group and Ambarella to redefine the future of mobility through innovation and partnership.

In conclusion, the strategic cooperation between Sany Group and Ambarella heralds a new era of innovation in advanced mobility solutions. With a shared commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of technological advancement, both companies are poised to shape the future of transportation, paving the way for safer, smarter, and more sustainable mobility solutions on a global scale.

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