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Toyota Accelerates Smart Electrified Vehicle Development for the Chinese Market

Toyota Motor Corporation recently announced its strategic plans to strengthen the local development of intelligence and electrification technology, further establishing its presence in the Chinese market. The company aims to provide electrified vehicles equipped with smart cockpits and advanced safety features tailored to meet the demands of Chinese consumers.

One of Toyota’s key initiatives is to promote and accelerate the local design and development of smart cockpits to enhance user experience through innovative interior space design and the integration of AI technology. Moreover, the company intends to focus on the development of autonomous driving systems and advanced safety features that are specifically tailored to the unique driving conditions in China.

To realize these ambitious goals, Toyota will collaborate closely with Denso and Aisin to expedite the development of electric powertrains. By leveraging the expertise of these partners, Toyota aims to achieve rapid advancements in electric vehicle technology and offer a diverse lineup of electrified models to the Chinese market.

In line with its efforts to consolidate its presence in China, Toyota will undergo a significant transformation in the corporate identity of its largest research and development facility, previously known as ‘Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd.’ Starting from August 1, the facility will be renamed ‘Intelligent ElectroMobility R&D Center by TOYOTA (China) Co., Ltd. (IEM by TOYOTA).’ This rebranding signifies Toyota’s commitment to bolstering local development and innovation.

As part of the restructuring process, engineers from three R&D facilities within China will be integrated into the newly established IEM by the TOYOTA project. This consolidation of talent and resources is expected to streamline development processes and foster cross-functional collaboration, leading to the creation of cutting-edge products and solutions.

The cornerstone of Toyota’s electrification efforts in China lies in its ambitious plan to introduce 15 battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) by 2025. This includes the launch of seven new Toyota bZ BEV models, further expanding the brand’s electric vehicle offerings in the market. By broadening its BEV portfolio, Toyota aims to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of Chinese consumers.

Tatsuro Ueda, Chief Executive Officer of the China Region, emphasized the importance of the Chinese market’s rapid growth and Toyota’s commitment to thriving in this dynamic landscape. He expressed confidence in Toyota’s ability to adapt to local demands and consumer preferences by leveraging the capabilities of IEM by TOYOTA. The goal is to deliver competitive products that resonate with Chinese customers, maintaining a fast pace of innovation and development.

Furthermore, Toyota sees this venture as an opportunity to share the results of its local development efforts, as well as the lessons learned in China, both within the country and globally. By doing so, Toyota seeks to contribute to the advancement of electric vehicle technology on a global scale, accelerating the transition towards sustainable transportation solutions.

Toyota’s commitment to reducing CO2 emissions remains steadfast, as it aims to establish a comprehensive lineup of electrified vehicles. The company has set a target of having 70 electrified models in its portfolio by 2025, demonstrating its dedication to environmental sustainability and its contribution to combating climate change.

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