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TuSimple Initiates Level 4 Testing of Autonomous Trucks

TuSimple Holdings, Inc., a renowned global autonomous driving technology company, has recently commenced Level 4 autonomous test runs on the expressway connecting the major Japanese cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. This significant development comes after the successful completion of a series of safety validation and testing work conducted by TuSimple Japan, a subsidiary of TuSimple, in collaboration with a local Japanese OEM’s truck in 2021.

In an effort to embrace cutting-edge advancements in autonomous driving, the Japanese government is reportedly planning to introduce a self-driving lane on select sections of the New Tomei Expressway by 2024. Furthermore, they are set to permit the commercial operation of SAE Level 4 fully autonomous trucks by 2026.

TuSimple, at the forefront of this technological revolution, is actively working on the development of a commercial-ready, fully autonomous (SAE Level 4) driving solution designed explicitly for long-haul heavy-duty trucks. This innovative solution holds immense potential in addressing the pressing issue of driver shortages within Japan’s logistics industry. By establishing robust business partnerships with local companies and diligently catering to the evolving demands of the Japanese market, TuSimple aims to deliver the most reliable, safe, and efficient autonomous truck solutions for the long-haul transportation sector.

The accomplishments of TuSimple in the realm of autonomous driving are truly remarkable. As of March 2023, TuSimple trucks have successfully recorded an astonishing cumulative mileage of over 10 million miles through extensive testing, in-depth research, and even freight delivery. This unparalleled level of experience underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to perfecting its technology and ensuring its utmost reliability.

One noteworthy milestone in TuSimple’s journey was the execution of the world’s first fully autonomous semi-truck run on public roads in Arizona, USA in December 2021. Remarkably, this groundbreaking achievement was accomplished without any human intervention, marking a significant leap forward in the realization of autonomous driving on a global scale. TuSimple’s exceptional technological prowess and steadfast dedication to innovation have propelled them to the forefront of the autonomous driving industry.

Cheng Lu, President, and CEO at TuSimple, expressed his enthusiasm about the future prospects of self-driving technology in Japan, particularly in addressing the driver shortage challenge faced by the country’s logistics industry. Lu emphasized TuSimple’s commitment to actively foster business partnerships with local companies and develop tailor-made technologies that meet the unique requirements and preferences of Japanese customers. By prioritizing reliability, safety, and efficiency, TuSimple is resolute in its mission to revolutionize the long-haul transportation industry by providing state-of-the-art autonomous truck solutions.

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