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Wayve, a leading UK artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on self-driving vehicles, has secured a whopping $1.05 billion in Series C funding. This significant investment, led by SoftBank Group with participation from tech giants Nvidia and Microsoft, fuels Wayve’s mission to revolutionize autonomous mobility through a concept called “embodied intelligence.”

Embodied Intelligence: Revolutionizing How Machines Learn

Embodied intelligence takes AI development a step further. It goes beyond traditional AI confined to computer screens and integrates it directly into vehicles and robots. This allows machines to not only process information but also actively interact with and learn from the real world, including human behavior.

Funding Fuels Development and Expansion

This substantial funding will be instrumental in propelling Wayve’s progress on several fronts. The company plans to:

Develop and launch the first-ever embodied AI solutions for production vehicles. This will empower car manufacturers (OEMs) to equip their vehicles with advanced driving automation capabilities, ranging from L2+ assisted driving to fully autonomous L4 systems.
Scale its foundation models and advance embodied AI research. This will solidify Wayve’s position at the forefront of AI development for autonomous vehicles.
Build an AV2.0 Platform. This platform will feature robust simulation tools, measurement capabilities, and active learning mechanisms specifically designed for automotive applications.
Expand operations and partnerships globally. This will allow Wayve to gather geographically diverse data sets and attract top talent from around the world.
Industry Leaders Back Wayve’s Vision

The participation of tech heavyweights like Nvidia and Microsoft in this funding round underscores the immense potential of Wayve’s technology.

Nvidia, a leader in graphics processing units (GPUs) crucial for AI development, is providing Wayve with the hardware foundation it needs through its Drive Orin and Drive Thor platforms. These platforms leverage the powerful Nvidia Blackwell architecture, specifically designed for advanced AI workloads.
Microsoft, a cloud computing giant, will contribute its expertise in supercomputing, cloud technology, developer platforms, and data management solutions. This will empower Wayve to efficiently deliver and scale its innovative embodied AI solutions.
A Future with Safer, More Accessible Autonomous Driving

The potential impact of Wayve’s technology is truly transformative. Experts believe it has the potential to eliminate up to 99% of traffic accidents. SoftBank Group, a key investor, recognizes this potential and is excited to be a part of this journey towards a safer and more convenient future.

Stay Updated on Wayve’s Progress

Interested in learning more about Wayve’s vision for the future? Don’t miss an exclusive presentation by Sarah Gates, Wayve’s Director of Public Policy, at the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo Europe conference. Her participation in the panel discussion titled “Safe AI for Automated Driving: Reality or Fiction?” promises valuable insights into the critical aspects of AI development for autonomous vehicles, including regulation, standardization, and tackling bias in training datasets.

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