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Valeo and DiDi Collaborate to Enhance Safety Solutions

Valeo, a leading technological and industrial company based in France, has recently announced a strategic partnership with DiDi Autonomous Driving, a prominent player in China’s autonomous driving sector. The collaboration aims to jointly develop advanced safety solutions for Level 4 (L4) robotaxis, while also involving Valeo’s investment in DiDi Autonomous Driving. By combining their expertise, the two companies seek to deliver safe, reliable, comfortable, and cost-effective autonomous driving services to passengers.

The primary focus of this partnership is to enhance the safety measures of L4 robotaxis. While L4 technology enables the robot axis to navigate autonomously and securely, Valeo and DiDi plan to introduce an additional set of hardware and software known as the Automated Safety Pilot. This supplementary system will provide redundancy to the primary autonomous driving system, ensuring that in case of an unexpected failure, the safety of passengers is not compromised. Moreover, the Automated Safety Pilot will include customized safety features tailored to specific operational scenarios, further enhancing the overall safety of autonomous vehicles.

The initial deployment of this intelligent safety solution will take place in DiDi Autonomous Driving’s L4 Robotaxis, allowing the companies to test and refine the technology in a real-world environment. The collaborative efforts of Valeo and DiDi Autonomous Driving aim to establish new standards for safety in autonomous driving, paving the way for future advancements in the field.

Valeo’s decision to invest in DiDi Autonomous Driving demonstrates its commitment to supporting key players in the development of autonomous driving technology. As an established provider of cutting-edge technologies, Valeo has been at the forefront of advancements in L4 autonomous driving for many years. The partnership with DiDi Autonomous Driving, known for its expertise in shared mobility and technological research and development, aligns with Valeo’s goal of offering smart, safe, and affordable mobility solutions.

Geoffrey Bouquot, Valeo’s Executive Vice President of Strategy and Chief Technology Officer, expressed his satisfaction and enthusiasm in formalizing the agreement and making an investment in DiDi Autonomous Driving. He highlighted Valeo’s extensive experience in developing leading technologies for L4 autonomous driving and emphasized the strategic significance of joining forces with DiDi Autonomous Driving. Bouquot believes that this partnership will contribute to Valeo’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for intelligent, safe, and affordable mobility.

Meng Xing, the Chief Operating Officer of DiDi Autonomous Driving, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration and emphasized the importance of safety in their mass production and commercialization plan. DiDi Autonomous Driving is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its passengers, and partnering with Valeo allows them to leverage the company’s century-long legacy of innovation and mass production experience in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving Systems (ADS). Meng Xing believes that the strategic partnership will enable significant breakthroughs in standardizing and scaling key modules of autonomous driving systems, ultimately enhancing the overall safety of L4 Robotaxis and providing passengers with high-quality driverless mobility services. Together, Valeo and DiDi Autonomous Driving aim to accelerate the commercialization of autonomous driving technology.

Valeo’s strong presence in the automotive industry, characterized by its leadership in electrification, driving assistance systems, interior experience reinvention, and advanced lighting solutions, positions the company as an ideal partner for DiDi Autonomous Driving. With their combined efforts and a shared vision for the future of autonomous driving, Valeo and DiDi Autonomous Driving are poised to make substantial advancements in safety and technology, bringing us closer to a world of intelligent and secure mobility.

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