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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Employs Passenger Trials

Volkswagen is making significant strides in the development of self-driving, all-electric vehicles with the introduction of its ID. Buzz ADs (Autonomous Driving) in Munich, Germany. These vehicles are being deployed to transport decision-makers from politics, public authorities, businesses, and media representatives, allowing them to experience the impressive control capabilities of the vehicle firsthand. Additionally, a parallel test program has been launched in Austin, Texas, United States by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

The primary focus of the autonomous vehicle development process is centered around the commercial use of these vehicles in urban centers in Europe and North America, particularly for ridesharing schemes and transport services. To achieve this goal, Volkswagen has equipped the all-electric ID. Buzz vehicles with cutting-edge self-driving technology are provided by Mobileye, a prominent technology company. These vehicles, classified as level 4 according to the SAE standard, are equipped with a comprehensive suite of cameras, radar, and lidar technology. This advanced sensor package enables the vehicles to perceive their surroundings accurately, making informed decisions while on the road.

Throughout the test phase, the vehicles are manned by human drivers who serve as supervisors, ensuring the safe operation of the vehicles at all times. This cautious approach allows for real-world testing while maintaining a high level of safety and control.

The ID. Buzz ADs offer ample space for four passengers and are designed to be produced in large quantities once they are ready for series production. This production capability is vital in meeting the increasing demand for efficient and sustainable mobility and transportation solutions.

Volkswagen’s ambition goes beyond the mere development of self-driving vehicles. The company aims to expand the availability of commercially viable transport services and broaden the range of mobility options within the Volkswagen Group’s portfolio. By doing so, Volkswagen is taking significant strides toward revolutionizing the transportation industry and shaping the future of mobility.

Christian Senger, a member of the Board of Management responsible for the development of autonomous driving at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, emphasizes the importance of expanding their autonomous vehicle program to North America. This move represents the next step in Volkswagen’s global strategic roadmap and is the culmination of long-term investment. By introducing their self-driving vehicles to American roads, Volkswagen aims to test, validate, and refine the technology for optimal performance and safety in diverse driving conditions.

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