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XPENG AEROHT and Autoliv become Partner

XPENG AEROHT and Autoliv China, a division of the global leader in automotive safety systems Autoliv, Inc., have formalized a strategic cooperation agreement to develop pioneering safety solutions for the future of mobility. This collaboration marks a significant step towards realizing the vision of safe, efficient flying cars.

The agreement between XPENG AEROHT and Autoliv China involves a broad range of initiatives aimed at developing cutting-edge safety systems specifically tailored for flying cars. XPENG AEROHT, an affiliate of the prominent Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPENG Inc., is at the forefront of integrating intelligent vehicle and aviation technologies to create safe and reliable electric flying cars for individual users.

XPENG AEROHT’s flagship product, the XPENG X2, is a testament to this vision. The X2 is a two-seat flying car designed with dual driving modes: manual and autonomous. In autonomous mode, passengers can experience a seamless and intelligent flying journey, with straightforward start, return, and landing operations executed with just a touch of a button. This innovative design not only emphasizes user convenience but also prioritizes safety, ensuring a secure and enjoyable flight experience.

Deli Zhao, Founder and President of XPENG AEROHT, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “XPENG AEROHT and Autoliv share a common cultural DNA, which has fostered a series of close collaborations. This strategic partnership elevates our relationship to a new level, representing a comprehensive upgrade of XPENG AEROHT’s supply chain. We are eager to jointly create flying cars with ultimate safety through the solid cooperation of both parties.”

Autoliv China, recognized for its expertise in automotive safety solutions, is equally enthusiastic about the potential of this partnership. Sng Yih, President of Autoliv China, commented, “Autoliv is constantly exploring innovative safety solutions to meet future needs, and the development of flying cars presents an exciting frontier for us. XPENG AEROHT is leading the way in this field, and we are thrilled to explore new opportunities to ensure the safety of this emerging vehicle type. By combining their advanced technology with our safety expertise, we believe we can significantly contribute to making flying cars a viable and safe option for the future.”

The collaboration is poised to leverage the strengths of both companies. XPENG AEROHT’s innovative approach to electric flying car design and Autoliv’s extensive experience in developing advanced safety systems will converge to address the unique challenges posed by flying cars. This includes tackling aspects such as collision avoidance, passenger protection, emergency response systems, and more.

Moreover, this partnership underscores a broader trend in the automotive and aviation industries where the integration of advanced technologies and safety solutions is crucial for the next generation of transportation. As the concept of flying cars transitions from science fiction to reality, ensuring the highest standards of safety is paramount.

Both XPENG AEROHT and Autoliv China are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, aiming to set new benchmarks in the safety and reliability of flying cars. This strategic cooperation not only enhances their individual capabilities but also positions them as leaders in the burgeoning field of future mobility solutions.

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