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PENG X9 - Futuristic 7-Seat EV

XPENG, a prominent Chinese smart electric vehicle (EV) company, recently unveiled a series of groundbreaking technological achievements and industry milestones during its fifth annual Tech Day in Guangzhou. Among the highlights of this event was the official introduction of the XPENG X9, a spacious 7-seater multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) with a futuristic design reminiscent of a starship.

The XPENG X9 will set a new standard by being the first vehicle in XPENG’s lineup to feature the XOS Tianji smart cabin system. This innovative system integrates the XGPT, a large-scale artificial intelligence (AI) model, which promises to provide even faster and more concise responses to user requests.

Enthusiasts and industry insiders eagerly anticipate the X9’s official showcase at Auto Guangzhou, scheduled for November 2023. This event promises to offer a firsthand look at XPENG’s latest creation, demonstrating its commitment to advancing the electric vehicle sector.

One of the most exciting developments announced at Tech Day is XPENG’s new Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) feature, the AI Valet Driver. This cutting-edge technology aims to simplify the driving experience, enhance safety, and offer convenience to users.

The AI Valet Driver feature operates by recording a memorized route during manual driving. Once the route is saved, users can activate the AI Valet Driver function when selecting the same travel route in the future. This enables advanced assisted driving for specific routes or scenarios within cities, making it a promising addition to XPENG’s technology portfolio.

He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of XPENG, expressed his excitement about the company’s technological advancements. He emphasized that these developments are crucial in driving the ongoing evolution of the electric vehicle industry. XPENG’s commitment to comprehensive, integrated full-stack, in-house research and development capabilities, combined with its robust mobility ecosystem, solidifies its position as a frontrunner in providing consumers with cutting-edge EV technology at accessible price points.

Furthermore, He Xiaopeng noted the growing demand for EVs among domestic customers and the company’s increasing presence in European markets. The global shift from traditional vehicles to electric vehicles is accelerating, and XPENG is poised to play a significant role in this transition.

XPENG’s journey to becoming a leading name in the EV industry has been marked by relentless innovation and a commitment to delivering top-tier technology to its customers. The X9 and the XOS Tianji smart cabin system represent the latest steps in this journey. The X9’s launch at Auto Guangzhou in 2023 will be a testament to XPENG’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the EV market.

The XOS Tianji smart cabin system, powered by the XGPT AI model, is expected to transform the in-car experience. Users can look forward to faster, more efficient responses to their commands, enhancing the convenience and functionality of their journeys.

The AI Valet Driver, on the other hand, is a leap forward in autonomous driving technology. By enabling advanced assisted driving on specific routes or in predefined scenarios, it enhances both safety and convenience for XPENG vehicle owners. It reflects XPENG’s commitment to not only creating cutting-edge technology but also integrating it seamlessly into the driving experience.

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