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Precision control for ADAS testing

AB Dynamics, a leading automotive test solution provider, has unveiled its latest innovation, the GTC Remote—a handheld device designed for controlling single Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) platforms without the need for a static base station. This cutting-edge tool promises to simplify and enhance ADAS testing, particularly for scenarios requiring only one target, such as Car-to-Pedestrian Farside Adult (CPFA), Car-to-Pedestrian Turning Adult (CPTA), and Car-to-Pedestrian Reverse Adult (CPRA) tests.

The GTC Remote addresses the challenges of ADAS testing complexity by consolidating the components of a traditional static base station into a compact handheld unit. Featuring precise analog stick controls, radio functionality, a safety controller, and base station software, this device ensures portability without compromising performance. Its primary objective is to streamline the testing setup process, allowing engineers and technicians to maximize their time on the track for actual testing rather than equipment setup.

Jack Hines, a project engineer at AB Dynamics, highlighted the significance of the GTC Remote in simplifying ADAS testing for scenarios involving a single ADAS target. He emphasized that the device expedites the setup of relatively straightforward scenarios, enabling more efficient use of track time for testing purposes.

The user-friendly design of the GTC Remote includes an ergonomic and ruggedized weight-balanced housing. Equipped with a 7-inch color touchscreen, a robust processor, and a long-lasting battery, the device ensures ease of use and durability, providing ample power for a typical full day of testing. The handheld controller also incorporates precise analog stick controls, contributing to its user-friendly interface.

One of the key advantages of the GTC Remote is its compatibility with AB Dynamics’ existing radio options, including the latest TrackFi PowerMesh, for seamless communication with ADAS platforms. This flexibility ensures that the device can integrate with various communication infrastructures, offering interchangeable radios for different testing scenarios.

Safety is a paramount consideration in ADAS testing, and the GTC Remote incorporates AB Dynamics’ safety system. This system includes fail-safe monitoring of communication, ensuring that the testing environment remains secure. Moreover, the device has undergone rigorous certification and approval processes for CE, FCC, and UKCA standards, underscoring its compliance with safety and regulatory requirements.

In essence, the GTC Remote revolutionizes ADAS testing by combining portability with advanced functionality. By simplifying the setup process and reducing the reliance on hardware components, it empowers technicians to expedite testing scenarios, ultimately optimizing track time for comprehensive evaluations.

As automotive technology continues to advance, solutions like the GTC Remote play a crucial role in facilitating efficient testing procedures. AB Dynamics’ commitment to innovation is evident in this latest product, which promises to contribute to the ongoing development and refinement of ADAS technologies in the automotive industry.

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