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AB Dynamics Automates Euro NCAP Tests

Automotive test solution provider AB Dynamics has revolutionized Euro NCAP’s latest 2024 Assisted Driving tests by integrating them into its Robot Controller (RC) software. This innovative move aims to alleviate the burden on OEMs and testing facilities, streamlining the evaluation process.

Euro NCAP’s 2024 Assisted Driving Grading system is a pivotal tool designed to furnish consumers with comprehensive data regarding the performance of assisted driving technologies. By facilitating informed purchasing decisions, it seeks to eliminate ambiguity surrounding these systems’ capabilities and effectiveness.

Leo Evans, the lead engineer at AB Dynamics, underscored the significance of Euro NCAP’s updated rating system. He emphasized that AB Dynamics’ solution simplifies the creation and execution of test scenarios, enhancing efficiency and optimizing track time utilization.

The revised protocol introduces 40 new on-track tests, necessitating the use of driving robots and ADAS targets. These tests focus primarily on how assisted driving systems interact with vulnerable road users (VRUs), including pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists.

The new test scenarios encompass various critical situations such as adaptive cruise control (ACC) car-to-motorcyclist, collision avoidance car-to-motorcyclist, car-to-bicyclist, car-to-pedestrian, and lane support system – lane change with overtaking vehicle tests. AB Dynamics, as a leading provider of driving robots and ADAS platforms, orchestrates the coordination between the robot-controlled vehicle under examination and the ADAS targets. This ensures seamless setup and execution of multi-vehicle test scenarios through a unified software ecosystem tailored for Euro NCAP requirements.

AB Dynamics’ suite of base scenarios empowers test engineers to execute specific test scenarios mandated by the 2024 protocol or a myriad of iterations of the base scenario. Parameters such as speed, distance, and offset can be adjusted to comprehensively assess and refine these systems.

The Scenario Generator tool facilitates meticulous preplanning of trajectories, locations, and speeds of all test objects. Test scenarios can be previewed using the pre-play function, minimizing errors during real-time execution. Post-test graphing software simplifies data analysis and reporting, enhancing the efficiency of the evaluation process.

Automated reconfiguration of tests accommodates variations in vehicle widths and lengths to ensure precise collision points. Additionally, the software conducts automatic cross-checks to verify proper test configuration, including data capture rate and vehicle reference points. Ensuring correct specifications is crucial, as inaccuracies could lead to invalid data and wasted track time.

Evans highlighted the enhanced complexity of the 2024 update’s test scenarios, particularly in accurately detecting and classifying motorcyclists. This presents a significant challenge for assisted driving systems, especially in close proximity to other vehicles. Consequently, manufacturers must undertake comprehensive and diverse testing to validate system performance under real-world conditions.

In essence, AB Dynamics’ automation of Euro NCAP’s 2024 Assisted Driving tests signifies a monumental leap towards enhancing the evaluation and development of assisted driving technologies. By leveraging cutting-edge solutions, automotive stakeholders can navigate the evolving landscape of vehicle safety with confidence and precision.

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