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Cutting-edge tech-testing at Audi's

Audi AG and Verizon Business have announced a pioneering collaboration to establish a state-of-the-art private wireless network and technology testing environment at Audi’s automotive test track in Neustadt, Germany. This innovative venture will facilitate the testing of various applications, including voice, video, safety, autonomous mobility, vehicle-to-cloud communication, OEM-customer interactions, and cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) features and functionalities.

The network, which is fueled by a dual 5G and LTE Modular Private Wireless platform from Nokia, will also include C-V2X and private MEC infrastructure leveraging AWS Outposts from Amazon Web Services. Additionally, real-time video and data-transmission technology from Smart Mobile Labs will be integrated into the network.

This cutting-edge facility will replicate connectivity environments found across the world, providing Audi with a competitive edge in the global market by ensuring that connected technology is robust and functional on public roads in a wide variety of geographies. Furthermore, the other brands within the Volkswagen Group will have access to the track and network, fostering collaboration and innovation within the automotive industry.

Petr Kozak, Head of Development Infotainment, Connectivity, Data Management, and Artificial Intelligence at Audi AG, expressed his satisfaction with the comprehensive solution provided by Verizon Business, stating, Our requirements for this test track were intricate and multi-faceted, covering a wide range of technologies, geographical network conditions, and industry trends. Verizon Business was able to deliver a comprehensive solution that will streamline the testing process, reduce time and costs, and provide us with a competitive edge in the global market.

TJ Fox, SVP of IIoT and Automotive at Verizon Business, highlighted the changing role of vehicles, stating, “Vehicles are no longer just modes of transportation; they are becoming communication hubs, entertainment centers, educational tools, and even mobile offices. Essentially, they are evolving into rolling cell phones and high-powered computers. This transformation means that the vehicles of the future will be equipped with advanced technology that must function effectively under various network conditions. Audi and Verizon Business are addressing these evolving needs through the implementation of this cutting-edge facility.”

Verizon Business has been entrusted with end-to-end responsibility for the delivery and support of the high-performance, stable, and secure private LTE/5G network. This partnership underscores the commitment of both Audi and Verizon Business to driving innovation and advancing the automotive industry through cutting-edge technology and collaborative initiatives.

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