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Audi Collaborates with Applied Intuition

Applied Intuition and Audi are teaming up to create a comprehensive solution for developing, testing, and deploying automated driving (AD) systems within the Audi Group. This partnership aims to set a new standard for ensuring the safety and reliability of AD features across a wider range of driving conditions. The resulting solution is versatile, forward-thinking, and can be adapted for various AD technologies used by Audi.

The development of AD systems is complex and often hindered by the use of different tools and platforms, leading to slow and expensive processes. To overcome this obstacle, Applied Intuition and Audi are enhancing Applied Intuition’s simulation and data management tools with specialized applications co-developed by both companies. This integrated framework combines Audi’s expertise in designing scenario-based systems with Applied Intuition’s skills in software engineering, creating a comprehensive solution for managing the entire lifecycle of AD systems.

Both companies emphasize that this solution is not only tailored for Audi but is also designed to be relevant for other automotive manufacturers in the future.

Dr.-Ing. Gero Kempf, Audi’s executive VP for ADAS/AD in the engineering department, highlighted the benefits of Applied Intuition’s solution, stating, “Our collaboration with Applied Intuition enables us to automate our engineering workflows using scenario-based and data-driven methods. This allows us to efficiently manage and adapt specialized applications for overseeing high-performance, safety-critical AD systems in compliance with AD regulations.”

Qasar Younis, co-founder and CEO of Applied Intuition, emphasized the importance of the joint solution in ensuring the safety of AD software. He said, “Our unified framework, developed in partnership with Audi, is essential for enhancing AD software safety. By integrating unified applications, adopting a data-driven approach, automating testing processes, and facilitating cloud-based collaboration, we enable Audi to accelerate the validation, certification, and market introduction of next-generation AD systems.

In conclusion, Applied Intuition and Audi’s collaboration aims to revolutionize the development and validation of AD systems by providing an integrated, adaptable, and efficient solution. This partnership leverages the strengths of both companies to address the challenges associated with AD system complexity and disparate tooling, ultimately enabling Audi to bring advanced AD technologies to market more quickly while ensuring top-tier safety and compliance with regulations. The scalable nature of this solution also positions it as a valuable resource for other automotive manufacturers looking to enhance their AD development processes in the future.

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