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BMW Unveils £600 Million Commitment

BMW Group has made a resounding commitment to the future of electric mobility with its recent announcement of a substantial investment exceeding £600 million in its MINI factories located in the United Kingdom. This strategic move will undoubtedly shape the landscape of the British automotive industry and reinforce the brand’s dedication to sustainable transportation.

The cornerstone of this transformative endeavor is the Oxford plant, a longstanding fixture in the production of MINI vehicles. In a monumental shift, the Oxford facility is preparing to roll out two new all-electric MINI models starting in 2026, namely the MINI Cooper 3-door and the compact crossover MINI Aceman. This marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the iconic British brand as it embraces the electrified future of mobility.

The Oxford plant’s involvement in the electrification revolution began in 2019 when it started producing the current MINI Electric. What sets this development apart is the seamless integration of electric vehicle production into the existing assembly line, alongside traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) models. This integration demonstrates BMW Group’s adaptability and commitment to catering to a diverse customer base with varying preferences for propulsion technologies.

A compelling aspect of this transformation is the Oxford plant’s projected production capacity. Over the medium term, it is poised to achieve an impressive annual production capacity of approximately 200,000 cars. This capacity will cater to the demands of both ICE and battery electric vehicles, highlighting the transitional phase towards electrification.

However, the most notable shift in the production trajectory is set for 2030 when the Oxford Plant will exclusively manufacture all-electric MINI models. This bold move underscores BMW Group’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and zero-emission transportation. By this point, the plant will cease the production of ICE vehicles altogether, solidifying its position as a cornerstone for electric vehicle manufacturing within the BMW Group’s global production network.

The financial commitment to the UK manufacturing facilities is equally remarkable. The £3 billion invested by BMW Group in its UK plants since the turn of the millennium demonstrates the brand’s long-term dedication to fostering innovation and securing the future of the British automotive industry. This substantial investment has not only revitalized the MINI brand but has also nurtured a thriving ecosystem of skilled workers and suppliers, underlining the significance of the automotive sector in the UK.

Milan Nedeljković, a Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for production, conveyed the brand’s vision aptly, stating, “With this new investment, we will develop the Oxford plant for the production of the new generation of electric MINIs and set the path for purely electric car manufacturing in the future.” This statement encapsulates the essence of BMW Group’s strategic approach – pioneering the transition to an electrified automotive future.

Stefanie Wurst, Head of the MINI brand, emphasized the historical significance of Oxford in the MINI brand’s journey, stating, “MINI has always been aware of its history – Oxford is and remains the heart of the brand.” She also expressed her delight in producing the two new all-electric MINI models in Oxford, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to its roots. Furthermore, the continued demand for locally emission-free vehicles highlights the global MINI community’s embrace of electromobility.

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