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Driving Innovation

In a groundbreaking collaboration, automotive electronics specialist Applied EV and E/E architecture solutions provider NXP Semiconductors have joined forces to pioneer the development of software-defined vehicles and advance electrical and electronic architecture. This strategic alliance aims to not only foster information exchange and idea sharing but also establish crucial strategic and production partnerships to propel innovation in the realm of autonomous electric mobility.

At the heart of this collaboration lies Applied EV’s revolutionary central control unit, the Digital Backbone, energized by NXP’s versatile and potent S32G family of vehicle network processors. This partnership seeks to revolutionize the automotive and autonomous vehicle markets by delivering safety-rated software control solutions.

Distinguished by its unique functionality, Applied EV’s technology consolidates all software functions into a singular, dynamic control system capable of powering driving and steering functions. This simplified architecture not only reduces complexity for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) but also expedites development and deployment processes, contributing to a more sustainable ecosystem.

Lars Reger, Chief Technology Officer at NXP Semiconductors, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing Applied EV’s success in fostering a collaborative and solutions-oriented mindset. Reger looks forward to integrating NXP’s comprehensive portfolio with Applied EV’s software-defined vehicle technology, envisioning a future where these innovations generate significant value for automakers.

Julian Broadbent, CEO of Applied EV, highlighted the foundational ambition of the collaboration with NXP: to pioneer the field of software-defined vehicles. Broadbent emphasized the natural synergy between the two companies, pointing towards a future where software features and their electronic support systems create substantial value for automakers.

The collaboration’s overarching goal is to make a substantial contribution toward achieving safer and more connected autonomous electric mobility. By sharing insights, fostering innovation, and establishing key partnerships, Applied EV and NXP Semiconductors aspire to shape the future landscape of the automotive industry. The integration of NXP’s powerful processors with Applied EV’s pioneering control unit sets the stage for a transformative era in vehicle architecture, paving the way for enhanced safety, connectivity, and sustainability.

As the automotive landscape evolves, this collaboration stands as a testament to the industry’s commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing cutting-edge technologies. Applied EV and NXP Semiconductors are not just partners; they are trailblazers, steering the automotive industry toward a future where software-defined vehicles redefine the driving experience.

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