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Conigital and Helixx got Collaboration

Helixx, a cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing technology company, and Conigital, a pioneer in driverless vehicle technology, have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly embark on the development of a revolutionary next-generation bi-directional Autonomous Vehicle (AV).

Leveraging the robust capabilities of Helixx’s universal vehicle platform and manufacturing architecture, the collaboration aims to expedite and simplify the intricate landscape of AV development. The core strategy revolves around software-led design engineering, coupled with Helixx’s streamlined architecture and cost-effective manufacturing methodologies, creating an environment conducive to swift testing and global deployment.

At present, Conigital and Helixx are collaboratively crafting a comprehensive suite of AV software and hardware solutions with the overarching goal of streamlining AV development on a global scale. Both companies are grounded in manufacturing and technology-centric principles, anticipating the establishment of a future-proofed vehicle manufacturing system. This system is envisioned to feature an ‘AV menu item’ or an ‘off-the-shelf AV,’ propelled by Helixx’s pioneering ‘factory in a box.’ The ultimate objective is to dismantle entry barriers into the realm of electric autonomous vehicles. The resulting platform aspires to serve as an autonomous agnostic framework, offering adaptability for various AV use cases.

Steve Pegg, the Co-founder and CEO of Helixx, expressed the significance of amalgamating Conigital’s driverless technology suite with Helixx’s universal EV manufacturing architecture. He emphasized that this collaboration is a pivotal stride toward realizing a future where sustainable urban mobility becomes the norm. The partnership is anchored in a core ethos aimed at advancing how cities embrace transportation, providing cutting-edge advanced driver assistance systems and extending up to full-scale driverless mobility solutions.

Conigital’s CEO, Don Dhaliwal, added his perspective on the collaboration, stating that their partnership with Helixx marks a substantial milestone in reshaping driverless transportation technology, making it more viable for future mass adoption.

This strategic collaboration signifies a convergence of technological prowess and manufacturing acumen, poised to redefine the landscape of autonomous vehicles. The combined efforts of Helixx and Conigital are not only focused on pushing the boundaries of AV development but also on catalyzing a paradigm shift towards sustainable and advanced urban mobility solutions. The ‘factory in a box’ concept introduced by Helixx and the AV menu item envisioned by the partnership are poised to disrupt the industry, promising a future where electric autonomous vehicles are more accessible and seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

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