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Autonomous Driving
Vay, a German startup, has made history by deploying the first vehicle without a human being inside on a European public road. This milestone marks a major step forward in the development of remote-controlled mobility services.

Vay’s Teledriving Concept

The company is promoting a new concept called “teledriving,” which involves human operators remote-controlling automobiles from physical steering stations located miles away. This serves as an intermediate step towards full autonomy and is seen as a unique solution to the challenges associated with the development of fully autonomous vehicles.

Vay’s Teledriving Service Rollout Imminent

Vay has started to teledrive its modified Kia electric vehicles on predefined routes in Hamburg after the port city granted them a permit. According to Thomas von der Ohe, the CEO of Vay, the company is now working with authorities on the next steps to offer its service to the public. He stated that the company should be talking months and not years, suggesting that the rollout of the service could be imminent.

Vay’s Teledriving Service

Vay’s teledriving service is based on teledrivers delivering EVs to customers, who then hop in and drive themselves to their desired destination. The company believes that this concept offers a unique solution to the challenges associated with full autonomy, such as the high cost of development and the regulatory hurdles that need to be overcome.

Vay’s Deployment of Teledriving Vehicles

The deployment of Vay’s teledriving vehicles on European public roads is a significant development in the world of mobility, as it paves the way for the commercial rollout of remote-controlled vehicles in the near future. This has the potential to revolutionize the way we travel and could lead to a significant reduction in road accidents and traffic congestion. In conclusion, Vay’s teledriving concept is a step towards the full autonomy of vehicles, and the company’s deployment of vehicles on European public roads is a major milestone in the development of remote-controlled mobility services. With the company working closely with authorities to bring its service to the public, the rollout of teledriving could be just months away.

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