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Kodiak and Martin Brower Team Up for Autonomous Freight

Kodiak Robotics and The Martin Brower Company have teamed up to revolutionize the delivery of time-sensitive refrigerated goods for quick-service restaurants. This innovative partnership, which began in July 2022, has already seen Kodiak complete over 600 autonomous deliveries for Martin Brower.

The collaboration between Kodiak and Martin Brower is centered around a unique concept known as a ‘shuttle lane.’ In this innovative approach, autonomous trucks transport full trailers between major hubs, while local drivers handle the final distribution of goods to multiple restaurants. This hybrid model combines the efficiency and reliability of autonomous technology with the personalized service provided by local drivers.

The success of this partnership has prompted both companies to explore additional shuttle lane opportunities, with the aim of optimizing and future-proofing Martin Brower’s network. By leveraging Kodiak’s advanced autonomous technology, Martin Brower can enhance its operational efficiency while maintaining its commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.

As part of this collaboration, Martin Brower has become a member of the Kodiak Partner Deployment Program. This program is designed to assist carriers in establishing autonomous freight operations and seamlessly integrating Kodiak’s self-driving system, known as the Kodiak Driver, into their fleets. This strategic partnership allows Martin Brower to leverage Kodiak’s expertise and resources to enhance its delivery capabilities and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving logistics industry.

Mark Grittner, Director of Global Capital, Fleet, and Facilities at Martin Brower, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “By working together, we are able to benefit from the safety, reliability, and efficiency provided by Kodiak’s autonomous technology while also ensuring our local drivers can continue to provide the best-in-class customer service that is foundational to Martin Brower’s reputation.”

Don Burnette, Founder, and CEO at Kodiak, echoed Grittner’s sentiments, emphasizing the value of autonomous technology in long-haul driving. He said, “Your next order of fries may have traveled on a Kodiak truck. Autonomous trucks are well suited to the difficult work of long-haul driving while allowing our partners’ local drivers to handle last-mile deliveries and provide a personal touch for customers. Martin Brower’s shuttle lane model is an ideal application for Kodiak that enables us to demonstrate the value of our technology within our customers’ existing networks.

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