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Autonomous eShuttle in city

Oxa, a prominent autonomous vehicle software developer, has teamed up with eVersum, a provider of electric commercial vehicles and passenger transportation solutions, to pioneer a groundbreaking initiative in shared autonomous passenger vehicles. This strategic partnership has been forged in response to the ever-growing demand for more adaptable, eco-friendly public transportation alternatives, particularly in the face of escalating urban populations and intensifying road congestion.

The official announcement of this groundbreaking collaboration took place at the prestigious Busworld 2023 Europe exhibition in Brussels, Belgium. The essence of this partnership revolves around eVersum’s production of electric base vehicles, meticulously designed to be autonomous-ready, integrated with Oxa’s cutting-edge autonomy software, Oxa Driver. These vehicles will also incorporate a range of sensors and advanced computing technology during the manufacturing process.

The initial phase of this partnership will focus on offering autonomous city eShuttles to public transportation operators across Europe and the United States. The ultimate goal of this endeavor is nothing short of a revolution in the transportation sector. As Gavin Jackson, the CEO of Oxa, enthusiastically stated, “We are thrilled to be working with eVersum to deploy safe, secure, and efficient autonomy where it is needed most. At Oxa, we believe next-generation shuttling can deliver vital benefits to cities and industries, and this partnership represents a momentous step forward for the future of self-driving technology. Together we will transform the autonomous vehicle market with cost-effective, low-carbon turnkey solutions.”

One of the most pressing issues that this collaboration seeks to address is the high cost associated with maintaining multi-route transit services, coupled with the persistent challenge of driver shortages. These factors often result in service cuts that have a direct impact on communities, particularly vulnerable groups such as the elderly and disabled. By embracing autonomous eShuttles, transit operators can potentially sustain their routes and timetables, which are becoming increasingly cost-prohibitive, while also contributing to the reduction of road congestion and emissions.

The eShuttles themselves are remarkable vehicles, boasting low-noise and zero-emission electric propulsion systems. These vehicles have been meticulously designed for on-road and public transportation applications, making them an ideal solution for modern urban environments. They have the capacity to accommodate up to 20 seated passengers, with an additional capacity for a maximum of 50 people, including standing passengers.

What sets these eshuttles apart is the emphasis on passenger comfort and convenience. They are equipped with features such as kneeling-stop capabilities, flexible seating arrangements, and state-of-the-art information systems. These features are tailored to meet the present-day needs of transit operators, ensuring that passengers have a comfortable and efficient commuting experience.

Holger Postl, the CEO of eVersum, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, saying, “As a leading specialist and OEM dedicated to electric commercial vehicles, eVersum has invested years in rigorous research and development, and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with AD-pioneer Oxa as we jointly embark on this exciting journey into the future of mobility.”

In essence, the Oxa and eVersum partnership is poised to make a significant impact on the future of public transportation. By marrying Oxa’s advanced autonomous software with eVersum’s innovative electric vehicles, they are not only addressing critical issues such as cost-efficiency and emissions reduction but also enhancing the overall passenger experience. The shared vision of transforming the transportation sector by providing sustainable, eco-friendly, and accessible mobility solutions is set to shape the future of autonomous transportation.

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