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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Teleo, a pioneering company specializing in autonomous technology for heavy construction equipment, has joined forces with Storm Equipment, a leading distributor of commercial snowplow equipment, to introduce the very first commercially available remotely operated and autonomous industrial snowplow in the United States.
The product of this innovative partnership is a John Deere 332G skid steer loader retrofitted with Storm Equipment’s Metal Pless snowplow blade, seamlessly integrated with Teleo’s Supervised Autonomy technology. This cutting-edge combination empowers the snowplow to operate both remotely and autonomously, marking a significant advancement in snow clearing capabilities for large open areas such as industrial parking lots.
One of the most impressive aspects of this development is its versatility. The retrofit is compatible with a wide range of heavy equipment makes and models, ensuring accessibility for various businesses within the snow removal industry. This adaptability extends to the autonomous-ready snowplow blade, which can be properly sized for each specific machine type. A centralized command center will allow operators to oversee the snowplows, improving both safety and efficiency while in use. The snowplows will be remotely managed at initially, but in the first half of 2024, they are expected to be fully autonomous.
Storm Equipment’s owner, Jordan Smith, emphasized the value of Teleo’s technology for the sector, saying, “Teleo’s technology is a great option for the industry because it can be retrofitted onto virtually any make and model of heavy machinery, which is something that snow removal companies typically don’t have in their fleets.”

Smith further emphasized the convenience offered by this innovation, noting that operators can seamlessly transition between different loaders and plows across various job sites, with the potential for remote operation even across different states. The accessibility and flexibility of this technology are poised to revolutionize the snow removal process, with Smith humorously suggesting that today’s streaming gamers could become tomorrow’s remote snowplow operators.
Vinay Shet, co-founder, and CEO of Teleo, underscored the immediate benefits of this solution, particularly during heavy snowfall events when prompt clearance of parking lots and commercial sites is essential for business continuity. Shet emphasized that the collaborative approach between Teleo and Storm Equipment provides a more efficient and safer method of snow removal without necessitating the purchase of new machines, making it a practical solution for companies of all sizes.
The introduction of the first commercially available remotely operated and autonomous industrial snowplow represents a significant milestone in the field of snow removal technology. With its ability to enhance efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness, this innovative solution is poised to transform the way businesses approach snow clearing operations.
As businesses strive to optimize their heavy equipment investments and adapt to evolving industry demands, solutions like the Teleo-Supervised Autonomy technology offer a glimpse into the future of autonomous snow removal, where human ingenuity combines with cutting-edge technology to overcome operational challenges and drive progress in the field.

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